Sunday, January 25, 2015

Saudi Arabia's Gift for Europe

Position of King Abdulaziz Al-Saud Mosque in Marbella, Spain.

At the time when world leaders are gathering in Riyadh to mourn former Saudi King Abdulaziz Al-Saud, his follower King Salman proudly presents a rather tiny mosque erected in Spain and that should be seen as a sign of peace between the world of Islam and the West.

Andalusía in southern Spain, where in mediaeval times the mighty Caliphate of Cordoba left its architectural traces, seems to be the perfect region to establish a link to some modernized and peaceful Islam. This, however, might be seen by some parties as a provocation of Europe's rather secular communities where a rising militant Salafist movement has already triggered off much aggression among locals despite extended demonstrations in favour of religious tolerance. A steady growth of Islamic communities in most European countries has continually raised the fears of those who are now opposing the more tolerant mainstream in their countries.

Only to mention the population of France where Islamic influence has steadily increased during the last decades, due to immigration from former French colonies in Africa and from neighbouring territories (Algeria, Morocco, Mali, Chad etc), while the above mentioned historic background in southern Spain had already provided a certain amount of Muslim descendants long before legal and illegal immigration from North Africa started to build up a Muslimic population of 200.000 (by 1981). In contrast, the xenophobe movement "Pegida" in Germany and which came into being only recently can be seen as an answer to a long-standing and unrestricted Muslimic immigration, especially from Turkey and which has already entirely changed the appearance and population of certain urban areas. However, that German movement is obviously inferior to the numerous and more tolerant mainstream in most parts of the country.

Whether or not the Saudi present might turn out to be a Trojan Horse rather than a present of peace will become clear sooner or later. At least, it should be mentioned that Saudi Arabia's Wahabism is seen by some western experts as the expression of an orthodox and less tolerant variety of Islam and which should have much in common with the ideas of Salafism and the Jihadi warriors that a U.S. centred alliance is just fighting in Iraq and Syria.

الملك سلمان شيّد أول مسجد بإسبانيا منذ سقوط الأندلس

King Salman built the First Mosque in Spain since
the Fall of [Spain's Historic Caliphate in] Andalusia.

قبل 33 سنة، عاد الإسلام مجددا إلى الأندلس، ولأول مرة منذ طرد المسلمين بأكثر من 500 عام من هناك.. أعادهم ذلك الوقت سعودي كان أميرا للرياض، من دون أن يشن حربا أو يحرق سفنا أو يهرق دما، بل عبر مسجد بناه على نفقته في مدينة ماربيا الساحلية بأقصى الجنوب الأندلسي، المقابل للجانب الآخر من مضيق جبل طارق، حيث المغرب قريب 14 كيلومترا فقط.ـ

..... Modernized Islam returned to Andalusia and for the first time after more than 500 years since the expulsion of Muslims from there ..... at that very time returned to them a Saudi [who happens to be] Emir of Riyadh, without declaring a war or burning ships or spilling blood, and who even more erected a mosque at his expense in the coastal town of Marbella, in the extreme south of Andalusia and which is facing the other side of the Strait of Gibraltar where [Arabic] North Africa is only 14 km away.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on January 24, 2015]


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