Sunday, January 18, 2015

Belgium after Jihadist Attack

بالصور.. مدبر اعتداءات بلجيكا "داعشي" معروف في سوريا

On pictures ..... The ISIS manager of violence in Belgium is known to be in Syria.

أكدت وسائل الإعلام السبت أن العقل المدبر للخلية التي ضبطت الخميس في بلجيكا قبيل انتقالها إلى مرحلة التنفيذ الفعلي، هو متطرف بلجيكي مشهور ذهب إلى سوريا وأصدر أمراً بشن العملية من اليونان أو من تركيا.ـ

On Saturday, information sources confirmed that the [acting brain] in the cell and who was in control of [preparing it for] the execution of the practical phase in Belgium on Thursday, a known Belgian extremist, went to Syria and gave the order to launch the operation either from Greece or Turkey.

وذكرت صحيفة "درنيير اور" أن "المحققين يبحثون عن زعيم الخلية المتطرفة" عبد الحميد أباعود (27 عاماً) بمساعدة مكتب التحقيقات الفدرالي "أف.بي.آي"ـ

And the journal "Dernière Heure" pointed out that [the authorities] are searching for Abdelhamid Abeoud (27), the leader of the extremist cell, in cooperation with the [U.S.] Federal Bureau of Investigations FBI.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on January 17, 2015]

Abdelhamid Abeoud

طفل "داعشي" من أصل مغربي يثير صدمة في بلجيكا

ISIS child of North-African origin is shocking Belgium.

أسابيع فقط بعد الصورة المرعبة للطفل الاسترالي خالد، ذي 7 سنوات، وهو يحمل مبتسما رأسا مقطوعة ﻷحد ضحايا جماعة "داعش" في سوريا، انتشرت بسرعة البرق صورة جديدة لطفل بلجيكي من أصل مغربي، يدعى يونس أباعود، ذي 13 ربيعا فقط، وهو يحمل سلاح كلاشينكوف في يده اليسرى ويرفع سبابة يده اليمنى إلى الأعلى، معلنا انضمامه إلى أكبر وأخطر جماعة ارهابية.ـ

Only weeks after the alarming picture of a seven year old Australian child [became unforgettable] and who is carrying with a smile [the cut-off heads of] some victims of ISIS organization in Syria, a new picture is rapidly propagating [by electronic means] and which is showing some Belgian child of North-African origin, Junis Abeoud, [at the time when he was 13 years old], carrying a Kalashnikov in his left hand and lifting the index of his right hand to announce his affiliation to the Great [Allah] and to inform the terrorist community.

[Source: Channel Al-Alam قناة العالم, Iran, on August 28, 2014]

Editor's Note:

- Junis Abeoud seems to be a relative of Abdelhamid Abeoud as he is mentioned with a similar photo in the above cited article of Al-Arabiya. A related video is known to exist on the internet.

- According to the latest news from Brussels on January 18, the extremist cell leader Abdelhamid Abeoud should still be at large while a group of four persons arrested in Athens on Saturday, January 17, does not comprise the "right person".

- In the frame of police raids directed against extremists, some 13 persons were arrested in different regions of Belgium.

- Both jihadists that could be killed at the place of a bloody attack in Verviers on Thursday, January 15, came from Molenbeek, Belgium.

[Main Source: Dernière Heure, Brussels, on January 18, 2015]

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