Friday, January 09, 2015

Russia Building Arctic Stronghold

The following news are fitting with earlier reports on Russia's intention to bring certain areas of the North Pole region under its control. It's about territorial claims but, as well, about exploration of oil and natural gas.


Russia's Northern Fleet is going to accustom itself to
special training [during] operations in the polar region.

中新网1月9日电据俄媒9日报道,俄罗斯北方舰队新闻办公室主任 瓦季姆·谢尔加日前透露,俄罗斯北方舰队海军陆战队2015年将为 适应在北极地区的行动接受特别培训。

On January 9 and referring to a Russian media report from the same day, China News Net quoted the director of the news office for Russia's Northern Fleet [Vladimir ..... ] as having revealed the day before that, in 2015, the marine corps of Russia's Polar Fleet is going to accustom itself to the special training [required for] operations in the polar region.

报道称,该训练计划针对最北部海岸和其他北极地区的条件, 旨在提高人员的培训水平。

The report says this training program needs to be aiming at the requirements of the North Pole coast and other arctic regions for the purpose of raising the personnel's level of training.

[Source: China News Net 中国新闻网 on January 9, 2015]

When it comes to the arctic region, special technologies are required for the exploration of natural resources like oil and minerals. Yet, it is an accepted fact that Russia has already gained much experience in the application of modified technologies for an efficient exploration of oil or natural gas under extreme climate conditions. Furthermore, Russia owns some of the most powerful ice-breakers in the world to guarantee almost steady access to their remote arctic stations. => You are invited to read another related blogspot of mine: Russia's Plannings for the Polar Region


A Russian visitor to "blueprint news" who came
from "Lavochkin", a Russian aerospace company.

NPO Lavochkin or "Lavochkin Scientific and Production Association (Lavochkin Association)" in Khimki, Moscow, is a Russian aerospace company that enjoys a long tradition.

Founded by Semyon Lavochkin in 1937, NPO Lavochkin specialized in aeronautics and the construction of space equipment and weapons. An exhibition in the company's nearby museum retraces the whole history and activity of that manufacturer from the beginning to the present: Fighters, cruise missiles, ground-to-air missiles, etc. NPO Lavochkin also participated in the development of Russia's carrier rockets Soyouz and Proton.

Nowadays, Lavochkin is a major player in the Russian space program, being the developer and manufacturer of the Fregat upper stage, as well as interplanetary probes such as Fobos-Grunt. Furthermore, it is involved in joint satellite programs together with foreign partners.

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