Wednesday, August 13, 2014

ISIS - Loss of Reputation for Bin Laden

ديلي ميل : العثورعلى رسالة في مخبأ بن لادن حذرته من وحشية "داعش"ـ

Daily Mail: The discovery of a letter in Bin Laden's hide-out which is warning of ISIS brutality.


On the occasion of the Bin Laden killing, U.S. special forces allegedly found a letter making part of Bin Laden's personal belongings and that comprised an internal evaluation of Abu Bakr's affiliate organization. That letter, written by one of Bin Laden's senior officials, stated increasing fears that ISIS could damage Al-Qaeda's reputation because of unreasonable cruelties Abu Bakr's militia practised against peaceful Muslims. The document went to list some of the acts of barbarism committed by ISIS, including using chemical weapons, destroying mosques and massacring the congregation of a Christian church.

It was the British "Daily Mail" that came with the news only two days ago on August 10. Meanwhile many Arabic papers quoted the British article. Even People's Network in Beijing reported.

وثيقة في مخبأ بن لادن تحذر من داعش

A document in Bin Laden's hiding-place is warning of Daesh [i.e. ISIS].

Al-Arab Al-Yawm

本拉登遗言:ISIS太残忍 基地应与之切断所有联系

Last words from Bin Laden: The ruthlessness of ISIS
made Al-Qaeda cut off [an existing] relationship.

People's Network

توزيع منشورات لتنظيم "داعش" وسط لندن

Distribution of pamphlets on behalf of Daesh [i.e. ISIS]
in the center of London. [Al-Arabiya, August 14, 2014]

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