Saturday, April 13, 2013

North Korea - Keeping the People under Control

Last UPDATE from April 15 further down !


A former North Korean female secret agent:
Kim Jong Un uses war to control the people.


On [April] 12, former North Korean secret agent Kim [...] said that North Korea's clamour of launching a hot nuclear war is not at all casually made. North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un is using his nuclear plannings to control the people of North Korea and, for the time being, to force South Korea and the U.S.A. to make concessions.


In 1987, former North Korean secret agent Kim [...] learnt of Kim Jong Il's order to use bombs when making a surprise attack on a regular South Korean [passenger] flight which caused the death of 115.

[Source: New Tang Dynasty TV 新唐人电视台 on April 13, 2013]

Editor's Note:
New Tang Dynasty TV is a Falun Gong near Chinese broadcaster based in New York and providing uncensored news via satellite to mainland China and Chinese communities abroad.
Korean Air flight 858 was a scheduled international passenger flight between Baghdad, Iraq, and Seoul, South Korea. On 29 November 1987, the aircraft flying that route exploded in mid-air upon the detonation of a bomb planted inside an overhead storage bin in the airplane's passenger cabin by North Korean agents.
It must be added that Kim Jong Il always feared boarding a plane. That's why he travelled in his special train even on rare occasions of foreign state visits to Russia and China. It was in August 2011 that he met with Russia's president Medvedyev in Ulan Ude, the capital of Buryatia and which is a remote region of Russia dominated by its Mongolian minority. Kim Jong Il's trip to Ulan Ude required four days for both directions where he travelled some 7.800 km altogether.



South Korea deploying guided missiles in the neighbourhood of its capital to react on North Korea.

[Source: 搜狐新闻 on April 13, 2013]

Update on April 15:

中新网4月15日电 今日是朝鲜已故领导人金日成诞辰101周年纪念日,朝鲜也把这一天定为“太阳节”,连日来举行了各种活动迎接节日到来。但与此同时,有关朝鲜会否发射导弹的猜测仍在继续,朝鲜也以“没有诚意”回应了韩国的对话建议。舆论认为,半岛局势迎来关键敏感节点,依旧扑朔迷离。

Telegram by China News Network on April 15: Today is anniversary day of deceased North Korean leader Kim Il Sung's 101st birthday. North Korea also fixed that day for the "Sun Festival". For the last few days, all kinds of activities have been [staged] to welcome the day of festival to come. At the same time, however, guessing still continues whether North Korea can launch a guided missile or not. Furthermore, North Korea replied to South Korea's proposal of dialogue as being "not sincere". According to public opinion the peninsula's situation is facing the crux of a sensitive and vital juncture [or: a sensitive point of the festival], thus leaving [the situation] as complicated and confusing as before.

[Source: China News Network 中国新闻网 on April 15, 2013]

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