Friday, April 26, 2013

North Korean Contradictions

In the middle of a severe famine that has been unveiled by, both, Chinese and South Korean sources, Pyongyang has just opened a restaurant ship. Its inauguration took place on the foundation day of N Korea's People's Army on April 25 and culminated in a speech held by the N Korean prime minister. The ship should serve 300 dining guests on two levels and is most probably targeting foreign tourists as N Korea is badly in need of hard currency.

[Source: China News Network 中国新闻网 on April 26, 2013]

News on a food shortage that is even affecting units of the People's Army can be found in recent blogspots of mine. Related subjects are: North Korean soldier shot his superior when being caught while eating stolen food. Earlier delivery of cereals on behalf of the United Nations included American wheat for U.S. army purpose. Mongolia, alarmed by the actual North Korean food shortage, is planning a delivery of cereals.

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