Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Korea - Semi-Official Chinese Statement

Important UPDATE inserted on April 24.

Above picture: Japan's maritime self-defence [i.e. coast guard].

张召忠:日本从朝鲜半岛危局获利最大 韩国倒霉

Zhang ZhaoZhong: Japan makes greatest profit from a dangerous situation on the Korean peninsula. South Korea's bad luck.

人民网北京电:朝鲜半岛的危机持续很长一段时间,此时半岛危机演化到一个关键节点,各方表态都有些微妙。 军事专家张召忠在中央电视台《防务新观察》节目中表示,日本通过炒作“朝鲜威胁论”得到很多武器装备,获利最大,而韩国 “最倒霉”。

Cable from People's Network, Beijing: The crisis of the Korean peninsula is going on for a very long time. During that time the peninsula crisis has evolved into a critical item. Every party having made clear their position, all positions being [some kind of] delicate. In a program [broadcast] by China's Central TV station and which is named "New Defence Survey", military expert Zhang ZhaoZhong declared: Japan has undertaken heating up the "debate on a North Korean threat" to exceedingly profit from huge arms equipment while South Korea is [in a position of] "extreme bad luck".

[Source: mil.sohu 搜狐军事 quoting People's Network 人民网, Beijing, on April 23, 2013]


The chief of the general staff of [China's] Liberation Army [PLA]:
North Korea is probably going to start [its] fourth nuclear test.

[Source: news.ifeng 凤凰网 on April 23, 2013]

As to the realization of an already announced North Korean missile test, some military experts are pointing at two possible dates: April 25, the day of foundation of the North Korean People's Army, and any day around April 30, the final day of a joint U.S. - South Korean manoeuvre which is named "baldhead vulture". [South Korean source on April 23, 2013]


北约就朝鲜半岛局势发声明 吁朝鲜就去核化谈判

NATO makes a statement regarding the situation of the Korean peninsula, appealing to North Korea to proceed to nuclear [disarmament] talks right away.

The article is referring to a meeting of foreign ministers from 28 NATO member states in the Belgian capital of Brussels yesterday, April 23.

[Source: China News Network 中国新闻网 on April 24, 2013]


North Korean Famine 朝鲜的饥荒

要求蒙古粮食援助 显示朝鲜正经历饥荒

Asking Mongolia for help with cereals. Indications of a serious historic famine in North Korea.

The article is quoting a Global Post 全球邮报 report from April 22 saying that the Mongolian ambassador to North Korea, in an official call on the Mongolian president earlier this week, asked for helping North Korea with a delivery of cereals.

据《全球邮报》(Global Post)4月22日(周一)报道,朝鲜驻蒙古大使上周在拜会蒙古总统时要求蒙古对朝鲜予以粮食援助。

[Source: 阿波罗新闻网 on April 23, 2013]


The truth about North Korea's great famine: America helping children with cereals from top priority army supply.

It's about United Nations' food delivery to North Korea between 1995 and 2002, using cereals that came from the U.S., from China, South Korea and Japan.

[Source: history.ifeng 凤凰网 on April 23, 2013]

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