Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kim Jong Un - Turning Down the Heat

李炜:美国发生爆炸 朝鲜为避嫌暂停挑衅

Li Wei: [After] explosions took place in the U.S.A., North Korea suspends provocations to avoid arousing suspicion.


Li Wei (TV screenshot above, left portrait), an expert who had been questioned in a talk show program of Ifeng TV, considers one [main] reason for North Korea suspending its provocations for the time being. It is the most recent bombing in Boston because, at times when tough language is being spoken by North Korea, people might come to think that provocation must be related to a terrorist attack in the enemy's country. This, however, has been rejected by North Korea.

[Source: news.ifeng 凤凰网 on April 25, 2013]


布热津斯基:朝鲜突然安静下来了 可能中国已施压

Brzeziński: North Korea unexpectedly became peaceful, probably because China already exerted pressure.

Zbigniew Brzeziński (*1928) is a former National Security Advisor to the President of the United States (1977-81) and who enjoyed much influence on global policy making.

[Source: news.ifeng 凤凰网 on April 25, 2013]


A visitor to "blueprint news" who came from the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator on April 25. As to Mongolian food delivery to help easing the actual North Korean famine, please, refer to yesterday's blogspot of mine.

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