Sunday, April 21, 2013

North Korean Underground Activities

Line of Descendants - North Korea - Descending Line

Kim Il Sung - Kim Jong Il / Kim Jong Il - Kim Jong Un

朝鲜三八线挖百米深坑道 韩国密切监控地下动静

At the 38th [degree of latitude] North Korea is digging a tunnel at 100 m depth. South Korea is carefully controlling such underground activities.


Snapshot of the demilitarized border line at 38th [degr. of latitude] on the
Korean peninsula, taken from the South Korean side on January 27, 2013.

[Source: news.ifeng 凤凰网 on April 21, 2013]


Here now a quotation from that U.S. article mentioned on yesterday's blogspot of mine: "There's No North Korea Crisis".

Americans like to think that all problems have solutions. But the deep levels of distrust on both sides and an anachronistic regime trapped in its own myths leave little to seriously talk about. Pyongyang should recall that the Soviet Union had thirty thousand nuclear warheads, yet that didn’t save it from collapsing from its own contradictions.

[Source: The National Interest, U.S.A., on April 12, 2013]


However, there's a real crisis in more than one country of the Middle East and Central Asia as reminds us a visitor to "blueprint news" who recently came from the Caucasian republic of Georgia:

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