Saturday, April 27, 2013

Korea - Proceedings at the Japanese Sea

美韩举行大规模军演 朝鲜或择机偷袭对手

U.S.A. and South Korea staged a large-scale military drill [as]
" North Korea is probably choosing an opportunity for some
surprise attack on its opponents ".


On April 26, U.S. and South Korean marines joined the U.S. - South Korean combined exercises at the South Korean seaport of Pohang.

South Korean seaport of Pohang 浦项 situated by the Japanese Sea.

[Source: Global Network 环球网—国际新闻 on April 27, 2013]

The North Korean seaport Dancheon has been specially marked as well in the above map because it was recently mentioned by two independent Chinese sources:

- Some Chinese blog from November 2012 is saying that China would like to use Dancheon together with further seaports on the Japanese sea which are already in use at the north-eastern coastline of North Korea. There's a special administrative area including an important seaport at 罗津 (Chin.: Luo Jin) which is north of Chongjin 清津 and near the Russian border. [=> refer to below map].

- Another brandnew article, published yesterday, April 26, by China Radio CRI, is dealing with the same seaport project. Dancheon (Chin.: Duan Chuan) 端川 is considered to become an international seaport for North Korea. With abundant mineral deposits of magnesite and zinc in its neighbourhood, that seaport's construction project was officially completed in May 2012. According to a South Korean business analyst, quoted by CRI, the construction of that port is fitting a unique scheme of North Korea's economic and nuclear development. The port should be used for the export of mineral products that seem to be the main income source of hard currency (or needed goods) for North Korea. Other reports recently mentioned the bridge passage to China at Dandong as an important export hub for North Korean mineral products.

View on Dancheon 端川 seaport.


North Korea is attracting foreign capital for the construction of Dancheon 端川 seaport that is to become a port for international trade.

[Source: China Radio International CRI 国际在线 on April 26, 2013]

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