Thursday, April 11, 2013

North Korea - Talking to Shadows


U.S. urging North Korea to refrain from taking further provocative action.

The message was delivered by U.S. State Department's deputy spokesman Patrick Ventrell in a daily press briefing on North Korea on April 10.

[Source: New China Network 新华网 on April 10, 2013]

In the middle ten days of March 2013, there should have been a secret meeting in New York between North Korea's deputy ambassador to the United Nations (above picture => extreme left) and U.S. diplomats. Two earlier contacts in 2012 have been reported as well.

美曝光美朝已举行秘密会谈 经“纽约通道”完成

The U.S. exposed that secret talks have already been held between the U.S.A. and North Korea when the "New York channel" was open.


A former high-ranking U.S. official said: "They are afraid of their own shadow. It seems that because they are very bad, nobody can know whether we are actually in contact with these people [or not]."

[Source: 搜狐军事 on April 11, 2013]



South Korea indicates that North Korean hackers accidentally dropped and left an internal IP address related to North Korea.


... South Korea's national group for a joint reply of military and government, when carrying out an investigation on the March 20 incident of an internet attack, discovered an IP address used by the hackers and which originates from North Korea. ...

This is regarded as a proof that North Korea is behind the cyber attack. Between 2009 and 2011 two further cyber attacks were detected as DDoS or "Distributed Denial of Service" attacks. These and later attacks in 2011 and 2012, targeting the "Association of Peasants" and the internal computer network of the "Central Daily" publisher, are now considered by the South Korean government as being planned by North Korea.

[Source: China Radio International CRI online 外际在线 on April 11, 2013]

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