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Kim Meets Trump - A Tragedy for the People

Important News Update on May 24 ==>

Update on the Dismantling of North Korea's Pungye-ri nuclear test site further down !
US president Donald Trump unexpectedly announced Thursday he is pulling out of the meeting with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un, ending – for now at least – the hopes of a historic reconciliation with the nuclear-armed hermit regime.
[Time, USA, only some hours ago]

Here are quotations from an article published by Time, USA, on May 22 about shortcomings of a possible nuclear deal negociated between Trump and Kim Jong-un when it comes to the living conditions and human rights of most North Korean citizens. In other words: It's about Kim Jong-un possibly reaching a deal that would allow him to maintain his private concentration camp for just another decade, while giving himself the aura of a wise statesman acting at eye level with the cream of global leaders in order to establish some kind of " fake peace ".

The goal for Moon and Trump seems to be a gradual denuclearization of the DPRK. For Kim, a deal would mean the normalization of his regime, and a loosening of the sanctions that make it difficult for him and his cronies to make profits.

The media has created endless hype about these “peace talks” and the possibility of a Nobel Peace Prize for Moon and Trump. But what you very rarely, if ever, hear about are the nightmarish daily lives of 25 million people in North Korea.

Imagine being a North Korean defector. You risked your life to escape hell on earth, and you miraculously made it to freedom in South Korea. And you watch your new democratically-elected leader, President Moon. But you see that instead of promoting human rights in North Korea and expressing solidarity with your cause, he treats your former tormentor Kim Jong Un to an ostentatious feast while your family starves. You look at the press photos and watch as Moon and his colleagues smile and seem to be so genuinely happy—victorious even—as they try to make amends with a tyrant whose atrocities were compared by a United Nations inquiry to those committed by Nazi Germany in World War II.

Published by the Boston Herald.


At this point in 2018 we have two decades of strong evidence to suggest that the Kim dictatorship manipulates peace talks to strengthen and cement its brutal rule. Sometimes, like in the case of the inter-Korean summit in 2000—a result of the former South Korean President Kim Dae- jung’s ‘Sunshine Policy’ of engaging with the North—these talks can even rescue and bail out the regime when it is at a moment of internal weakness. Many forget that the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to South Korean president Kim Dae-jung in 2000 for bringing the Koreas together came after a payment of approximately $186 million to Pyongyang from Seoul when the Kim regime was close to economic collapse.


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This Morning: Dismantling of Pungye-ri Nuclear Test Site
and Renewed Threats prior to the US - N Korean Summit.

Report from NBC News on May 24.

Threats to abandon the Kim-Trump summit, planned for June 12, came
from Pyongyang after US allegations that N Korea might end like Libya.

Report from Morning Post - Singapore 早报—新加坡 on May 24.

This morning journalists from five countries were driven to the test site where
they watched some enormous explosions from a 500 m distance. North Korea
denies that the Pungye-ri site had already been severely damaged during the
latest nuclear tests and therefore been abandoned.


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