Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Israel's Anniversary - Palestine Exploding

Last Update: May 16

On the occasion of Israel's 70th anniversary and on behalf of US president Trump, the American embassy to Israel was moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Donald Trump's delegation to the re-opening celebrations included his daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, both adherents to the Jewish belief.

The "Jewish Connection in the White House" celebrating in Jerusalem.

Quoting Israel's minister of defense A. Liberman from the above article:
Israelis celebrated life after Eurovision win, Palestinians glorify death.
I presume this remark is qualifying for racism. In case of the Palestinians
and who are Semites like any other Arab nation, this would mean some
kind of Anti-Semitism and which should get him locked up in my country.

[The Times of Israel on May 15, 2018]

Cartoon published in the United Arab Emirates.

美国又双叒叕遭“千夫所指”!中东多国罕见统一立场 快看

Lots and lots of times America is facing now a "thousand accusing fingers" !
Many countries in the Middle East share a common position rarely be seen.

The Chinese article is mentioning a daily death toll of 59 among Palestinian protesters adding to 2800 wounded.

[ZYNEWS 中原网 on May 15, 2018]

Latest News:

The Palestinian envoy to Washington has been recalled to Ramallah in protest over the U.S. relocating its embassy to Jerusalem.

Israel says the military has delivered eight trucks full of humanitarian aid and medical supplies to the Gaza Strip, where Israeli troops firing from across the border killed nearly 60 Palestinians at mass border protests on Monday.

[Mercury News in San José, California, on May 16, 2018]

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