Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Iran Cutting America Into Its Flesh


A critical moment ! Iran took the lead in ["cutting"] the US by stopping to
spread US Dollars. The White House: Already completely abandoned.

最近,据媒体报道称,由于特朗普一意孤行的宣布退出伊核协定, 并且决议单方面制裁伊朗,因此伊朗也率先向全球的主导货币“美元”开刀亮剑, 一声令下,伊朗将枪口对准了美国的货币,决定停止流通美元, 并且取而代之的以欧元作为国际流通货币,对于中国来说,这无疑是一个好消息, 因为美国一直掌握着美元的价值,进而主导全球经济,现在美元的地位日益被取代, 白宫官员也评论称:美元已经开始被彻底抛弃了。

Recently media reported that, because of Trump's decision for a one- sided declaration of withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement and [his] resolution to put unilateral sanctions on Iran, Iran has taken the lead in "cutting apart" the US Dollar as a leading currency. And by order, Iran, aligned by the muzzle of the gun to the US currency, decided to stop circulating US Dollars, thus helping to replace it by the Euro to become the currency flowing to foreign countries.

As China is concerned, this is undoubtedly good news because America has always been [in firm control of] the US Dollar's price, thereby leading the global economy. Now the Dollar's status is being replaced on a daily basis, or as a White House official put it: The dollar has already begun to be completely abandoned.

[SOHU 搜狐 on May 15, 2018]

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