Tuesday, May 22, 2018

US Heading for " The Last Days of Pompeio "

Last Update: May 23

US secretary of state Mike Pompeo used his first major policy address to deliver a hard-line speech on Monday May 21, in which he demanded that Iran change just about everything regarding its behavior on the world stage. This being a "diplomatic" approach Tehran could not and would not accept, signs are indicating that US president Trump and his crew of hardliners is determined to trigger off a bloody war in the Middle East and which nobody, not even Israel, would wish to experience. After Trump's trashing of Pompeo's predecessor Rex Tillerson, America is now heading for "The last days of Pompeio".

New York Times on May 21, 2018

Al-Jazeera International on May 22, 2018

Today, early in the morning, the International service of Al-Jazeera published a comment on what the Trump administration now calls its Plan B in diplomacy with Iran. Here some quotations:


The tough conditions in the US administration's so-called Plan B on Iran included Tehran withdrawing all its forces from Syria, halting uranium enrichment and nuclear-capable missiles, as well as ending support for a range of groups in the Middle East, such as Hezbollah and Hamas.

Pompeo described them as "very basic requirements" that were not "unreasonable".

But to Iran observers, the exacting demands he issued hark back to the decades of "failed" US policy that preceded the signing of the landmark nuclear agreement three years ago.

"Pompeo's post-nuclear deal Iran strategy leaves zero chance for diplomacy with Iran," said Seyed Hossein Mousavian, former spokesman for Tehran during its nuclear negotiations with the international community in 2005.

"It repeats the same coercive policy the US administration has implemented for four decades on Iran. This approach has already failed," he added.


Click here for the complete article.

USA Today on May 22, 2018


Battlefield Syria - From the Shadow into Daylight

What some media sources called the "War of Shadows" between Israel and Iran can now be seen at full daylight. On May 22, the Jerusalem Post came with the following news:

Israeli jets have continued to strike targets in Syria following the recent Iranian missile barrage against IDF posts in the Golan Heights, a senior Israel Air Force officer said on Tuesday.

“We can assume that there have been strikes since the last events in Syria. We have maintained our freedom of action over Syria,” he said during the Senior Air Force Conference in Herzliya.

Stressing that Israel will continue to carry out air strikes in the war-torn country, he said that Israel will continue to work with “determination” to thwart the entrenchment of Iran in Syria and the arming of Hezbollah.

“The Iranian resolve in the region continues and we keep operating and disrupting below the threshold of war,” he said.

The full story is available here !

The essential subject of that story is the statement of continued Israeli air strikes rather than a detailed deployment of Iranian missiles and related Israeli countermeasures and which seem to refer exclusively to earlier reported war activities from the beginning of May 2018.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

New Israeli Attack on Iranian Forces ?

On May 18, a military source reported that some heavy explosions took place at Hama air base in Syria and which is presumed to be a stronghold of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. The below photo was taken by a witness who passed at the outside of the military facility.

At that time it was still unclear whether this was an accident or an Israeli assault. Two days later, the below quoted Chinese source made allegations that this had been an Israeli operation.


"The werewolves don't make many words": Air raid on the air defense base
of the Revolutionary Guards. Israel has its own way of driving away the

人狠话不多,中东平头哥,很早就知道这句戏谑之言,但在看了以色列空军在叙利亚 持续的军事行动后,越发觉得这句话用来形容以色列最贴切不过了,以色列跟某些 成天吵吵着将谁谁谁从地球上抹去的国家不同,做的多,说的少,叙利亚境内的伊朗 基地和武装力量经常在遭到空袭后,俄罗斯和叙利亚、伊朗媒体会指责是以色列所为, 不管是美英法干的还是干脆就遭到了电子战攻击,唯独以色列政府和军方会礼貌性的 用一招外交套路用于回应:对此表示沉默。

"The werewolves don't make many words", the Middle-Eastern "brethren with the short-cut hair". [We] early knew that crude joke, but after having seen the Israeli air force in continued military operations in Syria, even more felt this kind of talk comes to describe Israel as the best fitting. Israel together with certain different countries, all the time noisily searching the Earth for any support, doing much but talking little. After Iranian bases and armed forces frequently suffered from air raids within the borders of Syria, [all that] Russia and Syria as well as Iranian media would criticize was Israel. However, when the US, Britain and France ... suffered from electronic warfare attack, Israel's government and military would only use a polite diplomatic way to react: On that we remain silent.

位于哈马的叙利亚空军基地发生大爆炸,据称是该基地的地下弹药库爆炸, 持续的爆炸严重摧毁了这个基地,甚至连地面上的机库都不可避免, 多架叙军战机被摧毁,目前还不清楚究竟是怎么回事,但越来越多人开始相信, 这又是以色列干的,原因是,部署在这个叙利亚空军基地的伊朗革命卫队 防空营也遭到了攻击!

When a giant explosion occurred on the Syrian air force base in Hama, it was said that should have been the underground ammunition store of the basis which exploded. Continuous explosions seriously devastated that base. Even aircraft hangars on the surface could not be saved. Many Syrian warplanes were destroyed. At the moment it is unclear what actually happened, but more and more people begin to believe this is concerned with Israel. The reason being the air defense facility of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards deployed on that very Syrian air force base and which was as well affected by attack.

[SoHu 搜狐 on May 20, 2018]

ارتفاع حصيلة انفجارات مطار حماة العسكري في سورية إلى 28 قتيلاً

As a result of the explosions at the military airport
of Hama in Syria, the death toll has risen to 28.

وخلال الأسابيع الماضية، استهدفت إسرائيل مرات عدة مواقع عسكرية في سوريا كان آخرها ليلة التاسع والعاشر من أيار/مايو، حيث أعلنت إسرائيل قصف عشرات الأهداف "الإيرانية" رداً على هجوم صاروخي قالت أيضاً أنه "إيراني" على الجولان المحتل.ـ

Editor's Note: The Arabic text is referring to the Israeli attacks that took place in the night from May 9-10, however, doesn't conclude that the Hama incident was necessarily connected with Israel.

[ALGHAD الغد, Amman / Jordan, on May 20, 2018]


Visitor from Spain reminding the end of World War II.

Visitor from Pakistan referring to the Muslim Immigration Ban of US president Trump.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Trump's Global Patchwork Policies



NEWS UPDATE: On May 17, Lu Xi, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, said at a regular press conference that China will continue to maintain normal economic and trade contacts with Iran, including cooperation in the oil field.

NEWS UPDATE: On May 18, the European Union launched a bundle of plans intended to counter new US sanctions on Iran and the related implications for European companies doing business with the Islamic Republic.


America's "leaving the flock" ignited the Middle Eastern powder keg.


On May 11, Iranian people in Tehran participated in anti-US demonstrations to
protest against the United States' withdrawal from the nuclear treaty with Iran.

[SINA 新浪新闻中心, Shanghai, on May 16, 2018]

Editor's Comment:

Even before US president Trump started his private talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, planned to be held in Singapore on June 12, he finds himself already discredited by his own disturbing and unwise foreign policies.

A few political and economic subjects, in some way connected with each other, have to be mentioned in order to underline such evaluation:

1) Trump's withdrawal from the nuclear treaty with Iran, together with the announcement of new sanctions. That decision and its implications had to lead, both, friends and foes of America to the same conclusion and which is: Nobody can trust America any longer. Even more as Trump's adage: "America First" is still ringing in the ears of foreign leaders.

However, at times when partners and enemies of America are forced to find new alliances and business partners, Trump's "America First" could finally turn into "America Alone".

Trump's plannings for the introduction of tariffs on some imported goods and which are intended to support domestic industries, have already become an embarrassment for other developed countries, even though most of such plannings are being postponed for the moment. Anyway, the regulation of foreign trade with the help of tariffs has already been proven to be of little value. At least, that is what most experts would tell you. In fact, such policy would lead to some kind of "tit for tat".

Trump after imposing tariffs on aluminium and steel:
"Trade wars are good, and easy to win."

And now, additional US sanctions are threatening such companies in the US and abroad that still dare doing business with Iran.

Like some biting Russian comment on that ?

2) The recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, accompanied by moving the US embassy to the holy city, was an unexpected and completely unnecessary decision. When Trump's family members, and who are practising Jews, attended the inauguration of the new embassy equipped with branded caps, this sent two related signals to the world.
- Trump is running his own country like a family trust with a Jewish connection.
- The United States lost their credibility as a mediator between Israel and the Palestinians when a traditionally strong relationship between America's Jewish community and Israel suddenly lay bare under the eyes of the world, and which is something other US administrations tried to avoid. Moreover all that happened on Israel's 70ies anniversary when culminating protest of furious Palestinians was to be expected anyway.

3) Furthermore and possibly decisive in Trump's negotiations with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is the fact that Trump discredited the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA when he questioned the agency's controlling efficiency in the survey of the nuclear treaty with Iran.

How then could he "sell" a nuclear disarmament treaty with North Korea to his own people and the world after insisting that the IAEA as the only worldwide accepted controlling tool could not be trusted.

Regarding North Korea's latest decision to skip a round of negotiations with the South because of joint US and South Korean military drills and steady US demands of a complete denuclearisation, one might even expect that it would not be Trump who walked out of the Singapore meeting but rather Kim Jong-un.

Donald Trump’s White House is undermining the international system for detecting illicit nuclear activity just as he may be about to need it.

U.S. National Security Council adviser John Bolton said in an interview this week with ABC that “we don’t have adequate inspections” in Iran, where the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has established the most comprehensive monitoring regime ever imposed without a military invasion.

That’s the same United Nations organization that will have to keep track of North Korea’s uranium stocks if Trump’s efforts to broker an agreement with Kim Jong Un bear fruit.

[Quotations from Bloomberg on May 16, 2018. Read the complete article on IAEA monitoring !]

North Korea threw President Trump’s planned summit meeting with its leader, Kim Jong-un, into doubt on Wednesday, threatening to call off the landmark encounter if the United States insisted on “unilateral nuclear abandonment.”

The statement, made by the North’s disarmament negotiator, came hours after state media warned that the summit meeting might be canceled to protest a joint military exercise between the United States and South Korea that began this week.

The warnings caught Trump administration officials off guard and set off an internal debate over whether Mr. Kim was merely posturing in advance of the meeting in Singapore next month or was erecting a serious new hurdle.

[The New York Times on May 15, 2018]


Visitor to "blueprint news" coming from Porto / Portugal and who is interested in Iran.

Visitor to "blueprint news" coming from Tel Aviv / Israel and who is interested in Iran.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Israel's Anniversary - Palestine Exploding

Last Update: May 16

On the occasion of Israel's 70th anniversary and on behalf of US president Trump, the American embassy to Israel was moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Donald Trump's delegation to the re-opening celebrations included his daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, both adherents to the Jewish belief.

The "Jewish Connection in the White House" celebrating in Jerusalem.

Quoting Israel's minister of defense A. Liberman from the above article:
Israelis celebrated life after Eurovision win, Palestinians glorify death.
I presume this remark is qualifying for racism. In case of the Palestinians
and who are Semites like any other Arab nation, this would mean some
kind of Anti-Semitism and which should get him locked up in my country.

[The Times of Israel on May 15, 2018]

Cartoon published in the United Arab Emirates.

美国又双叒叕遭“千夫所指”!中东多国罕见统一立场 快看

Lots and lots of times America is facing now a "thousand accusing fingers" !
Many countries in the Middle East share a common position rarely be seen.

The Chinese article is mentioning a daily death toll of 59 among Palestinian protesters adding to 2800 wounded.

[ZYNEWS 中原网 on May 15, 2018]

Latest News:

The Palestinian envoy to Washington has been recalled to Ramallah in protest over the U.S. relocating its embassy to Jerusalem.

Israel says the military has delivered eight trucks full of humanitarian aid and medical supplies to the Gaza Strip, where Israeli troops firing from across the border killed nearly 60 Palestinians at mass border protests on Monday.

[Mercury News in San José, California, on May 16, 2018]

Iran Cutting America Into Its Flesh


A critical moment ! Iran took the lead in ["cutting"] the US by stopping to
spread US Dollars. The White House: Already completely abandoned.

最近,据媒体报道称,由于特朗普一意孤行的宣布退出伊核协定, 并且决议单方面制裁伊朗,因此伊朗也率先向全球的主导货币“美元”开刀亮剑, 一声令下,伊朗将枪口对准了美国的货币,决定停止流通美元, 并且取而代之的以欧元作为国际流通货币,对于中国来说,这无疑是一个好消息, 因为美国一直掌握着美元的价值,进而主导全球经济,现在美元的地位日益被取代, 白宫官员也评论称:美元已经开始被彻底抛弃了。

Recently media reported that, because of Trump's decision for a one- sided declaration of withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement and [his] resolution to put unilateral sanctions on Iran, Iran has taken the lead in "cutting apart" the US Dollar as a leading currency. And by order, Iran, aligned by the muzzle of the gun to the US currency, decided to stop circulating US Dollars, thus helping to replace it by the Euro to become the currency flowing to foreign countries.

As China is concerned, this is undoubtedly good news because America has always been [in firm control of] the US Dollar's price, thereby leading the global economy. Now the Dollar's status is being replaced on a daily basis, or as a White House official put it: The dollar has already begun to be completely abandoned.

[SOHU 搜狐 on May 15, 2018]

Sunday, May 13, 2018

China - 1st Homemade Aircraft Carrier in Sea Trial

Last Update: May 14

This morning, China's first homemade aircraft carrier left Dalian Shipyard for sea trials. After its launch from the Dalian construction dock on April 26, 2017, it has been fully equipped for its first deployment at sea. The warship, up to now unnamed, makes up for the second of its kind in China's navy. China's first aircraft carrier, the "Liaoning", is based on a half-finished warship of Soviet origin which offered Chinese ship builders an opportunity to train their skills.


First homemade aircraft carrier in sea test. - How do carriers
from different countries pass the "examination" ?

The Chinese article refers to the testing of US carriers belonging to
the most advanced Ford class and French aircraft carrier De Gaulle.

The Mobile Phone NetEase 手机网易网 Network (NTS China)


China's CCTV 4 reporting on May 6 about the features of the
country's 2nd aircraft carrier, now awaiting its first sea tests.
1st test of a Z-18 carrier based copter landing on the warship.


096 submarines (Nato code: Tang class) were developed by China's PLA navy
as 3rd generation nuclear submarines equipped with ballistic missiles. They are
successors to the preceding model 094.

Further News from China:

伊朗外长火速访问中国 为挽救伊核协议做最后的努力

Iran's foreign minister hurriedly visiting China
in last effort to save Iran's nuclear agreement.

[ZYNEWS 中原网 on May 14, 2018]

China’s petrochemical imports from Iran are not expected to take a major hit upon America's re-imposition of sanctions against the Middle Eastern country. Use the following link to know more:
China-Iran petrochemical trades insulated from US sanctions by ICIS - Chemical Industry News

The possibility of having to cut oil imports from Iran should not hurt China as much, amid a glut in domestic supply of oil products, said She Jianyue, chief analyst at state-owned China National Offshore Oil Corp.

“Oil is not a big problem. For one, China can switch to other suppliers to replace Iran quite easily, particularly Russia. For another, China may not need to import that much of oil at all,” She said.

“We are exporting more and more gasoline and diesel, which means our refineries have processed too much oil into those transportation fuel. So, cutting imports from a single supplier will not be a problem,” he added.


Visitors from Stockholm, Sweden, and Sheffield, Britain,
and who are interested in China's aircraft carriers.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

War on Iran - Implications for Europe

On the Probability of a Fully-Fledged
War between Israel and Iran in Syria.

استطلاع: 54% من الإسرائيليين يتوقعون حربا مع إيران

Found out: 54% of all Israelis are in expectation of war with Iran.

The Arabic article is quoting Israel's daily "Maarev".

[El-Watan News الوطن,Cairo, on May 11, 2018]

ما احتمالات نشوب حرب إسرائيلية إيرانية في سوريا؟

What is the probability of an outbreak of
war [between] Iran and Israel in Syria?

وفي استطلاع أجراه موقع أورينت نت حول إمكانية اندلاع حرب إيرانية إسرائيلية بمفهومها التقليدي في سوريا، شككت النسبة العظمة من المصوتين في إمكانية حدوثها، حيث صوت 71.29 من مجمل المصوتين على الاستطلاع بعدم نشوب حرب بين الطرفين مستقبلاً، بينما لم تستبعد النسبة المتبقية تطور الأحداث بين الجانبين إلى حرب لا يمكن توقع نتائجها أو الأطراف التي يمكن أن تنخرط بها.ـ

In a poll conducted by Orient Net on the possibility of a war breaking out between Iran and Israel in its traditional sense in Syria, the percentage of voters who cast doubt on the possibility of its happening was 71,29% of all voters in the poll, [excluding] a future outbreak of war between the opponents. Whereas the remaining percentage did not exclude the development of events between both sides [leading] to a war where neither the results nor the parties involved could be [predicted].

[Orient News تلفزيون أورينت on May 11, 2018]

Editor's Note:

Orient News is a Dubai based broadcaster with a strong focus on Syria. It was once based in Damascus until Syrian state security allegedly raided their station and made an end to their transmissions.

The above opinion poll should therefore, at least partially, rely on Syrian Arabs. Its result is fitting with analytical approaches made by different media from Russia and the West, and whose evaluations recognize a desire of the Netanyahu administration to destabilize the regime in Tehran by limited military action rather than fully-fledged war. This, however, comes at a time when leading clerics in the Islamic Republic of Iran are furiously propagating the brandnew adage "Death to the US - Death to Israel" among their numerous followers.

The Political and Economic Implications
for Europe after Trump's Iran Decision.


[Germany's federal chancellor] Merkel told Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani in a telephone call on Thursday [May 10] that she supported maintaining the nuclear accord as long as Tehran upholds its side of the deal. [French president] Macron told Rouhani the same a day earlier.

Germany, France and Britain want talks to be held in a broader format on Iran’s ballistic missile program and its regional activities - including in Syria and Yemen.

In her speech in Aachen [/ Germany where she met with Macron], Merkel urged the European Union to strengthen its foreign and defense policy, arguing that Europe could no longer fully rely on the United States to protect it.

“Let’s face it, Europe is still in its infancy with regard to the common foreign policy,” she said. “And it will be existentially necessary to make progress here because the nature of conflicts has completely changed since the end of the Cold War.”

Pointing to the civil war in Syria, Merkel said that many of the global conflicts today were flaring on the doorstep of Europe.

“And it is no longer the case that the United States of America will simply protect us. Instead, Europe has to take its destiny into its own hands. That is the task for the future.”

Macron echoed the call to flesh out Europe’s common foreign and defense policy. “We made the choice to build peace in the Middle East. Other powers ... haven’t kept their word,” Macron said, without naming a country directly.

“We must succeed in building our own sovereignty, which in this region, will be the guarantor of stability,” he said.

[Quotations from Reuters news agency on May 10, 2018]

US Sanctions Getting Tough on EU Trade.

European business relations with Iran and which have been established after the easing of sanctions in the frame of the 2015 Nuclear Deal are now being endangered. This is because, under US law, one-sided US trade sanctions imply as well the sanctioning of such foreign companies doing business with Iran and the US at the same time.

The delivery of about one hundred passenger planes sold to Iran by the multi-national European manufacturer Airbus might serve as an example. It should be noted that jobs in different European countries could be endangered if the Trump administration hampered Airbus activities in the US and which would be fine for US competitors. Such is the policy of "America First". But even that doesn't work as it should do: US manufacturer Boeing, for example, is now being caught red-handed with a similar deal comprising several billion US $: Boeing plane deal at risk as US pulls out of Iran nuclear deal.

On the other hand, there will be no new sanctions on Iran ordered by the United Nations Security Council as the US representative there would have no chance to pass the veto of other council members. Business relations with Iran would then remain legal on the basis of international law. However some European companies might tend to crack down under US pressure and which is wreaking havoc on Europe's national economies.

Trump - The Gambler

“Obviously Trump has an appetite for risk that has led him to huge successes and four
bankruptcies. This is clearly another example of a hugely risky negotiating strategy that
could yield extremely positive results or be a potential disaster.”

Quotation from Mark Dubowitz, CEO of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies,
who has advocated on fixing shortcomings in the Iran nuclear deal. His comment on
Trump was made in the frame of upcoming talks between Trump and Kim Jong-un.


Thursday, May 10, 2018

Israel - Preemptive Strike

Last Update: May 11

First news arrived from Israel where Israeli positions on the Golan Heights have come under missile attack. This should have been an operation by Syrian and probably Iranian backed units and which seems to be related with attacks launched by Israeli forces on enemy positions in the Quneitra region. Quneitra is a Syrian border town in the Golan area.

A local Israeli media source comes with the following report:

In the early hours local time in Israel on May 10, 2018, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed that at least 20 unspecified rockets had landed in the Golan, but caused no injuries. Alert sirens reportedly went off in the Israeli communities of Majdal Shams, Neve Ativ, Nimrod, Masa’ade, Buqa’ata, Odem, and El Rom and Iron Dome systems fired an unknown number of interceptors and shot down at least some of the incoming projectiles. The attacks immediately followed reported Israeli artillery strikes on forces aligned with Syria's dictator Bashar Al Assad, possibly Iranian-backed militias and their Iranian advisers, in the Syrian city of Baath in the Quneitra Governorate.

"The IDF sees this Iranian attack on Israel with severity," IDF spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus told The Times of Israel shortly after midnight on May 10, 2018. "This event is not over," he stressed at the time.

This report is accompanied by private live footage from neighbouring locations.

Morning news coming from Israel's newspaper Haaretz on May 10, 2018.

محلل عسكرى: الهجمات الإسرائيلية في سوريا ضربة استباقية ضد إيران

Military analyst: Israeli attacks in Syria are a preemptive strike against Iran.

قال المحلل العسكري الإسرائيلي "أليكس فيشمان" لصحيفة "يديعوت احرونوت" إن النشاطات العسكرية في سوريا، لها تفسير واحد، وهى أن إسرائيل لم تنتظر لحظة حتى يستعد الإيرانيون لتنفيذ أي نشاط عدائي ضدها وسواء كان القصف مرتبطًا بشكل مباشر باستعدادات إيران لهجوم انتقامي من إسرائيل، أم كان هدفًا عاديا فإن هذا يُسمى ضربة استباقية.ـ

Editor's Note: The article is referring to military analyst Alex Fishman who is a writer for the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth.

[El-Balad البلد, Cairo, on May 10, 2018]

إسرائيل تشن هجمات داخل سوريا ردا على "قصف إيراني"ـ

Israel launches attacks inside Syria in response to "Iranian bombardment".

BBC Arabic reporting from Damascus on Israel launching 70 missiles and 28 warplanes
against Iranian operated military facilities all over Syria, especially targeting the region of
Damascus and Homs, the Golan Heights and other places. => Follow their link to watch
the original video !


Visitor to "blueprint news" coming from Copenhagen, Denmark, and who is interested in Iran.

The Arabic Peninsula and Central Asia are entirely under
the influence of the EMPIRE. Well, not entirely ......

The New Arab on May 11, 2018

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Iran - The Trump Decision

Evening Update on May 8:.................. War is On (May 8-9 further down !)

US president Donald Trump declares US withdrawal
from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

Iran's president Rouhani condemns US president Trump's decision,
at the same time declaring that Iran would stick to the treaty as long
as it benefits Iran.

European leaders from France, Germany and Great Britain, as well as the High
Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy,
Federica Mogherini, regret Trump's decision. The United Nations UN Secretary
General delivered a similar statement.

- War is On -

About two hours after Trump and Rouhani delivered their speeches, Arab sources
from the region reported about "increased missile activity" in Syria. Here an article
first published by Middle East Online ميدل ايست اونلاين in London on May 8:

اسرائيل تتوعد بتدمير لبنان اذا هاجمها حزب الله

Israel threatens with the annihilation of Lebanon when being attacked by Hezbollah.

وزير التعليم الاسرائيلي يعلن أن المواجهة أصبحت مع إيران وليس أذرعها فقط ملوحا بتحويل سوريا إلى فيتنام بالنسبة للإيرانيين.ـ

Israel's minister of education announced that the confrontation with Iran
[in the morning] was not only an advance but as well threatening Syria
with a transformation into [another] Vietnam with Iranian connections.


Israel - It doesn't need America's help, but could
as well bomb Iran by itself back to the Stone Age.


Finally one cannot avoid mentioning Israel's ultimate "killing mace".
Relying on recently exposed interrelated mail of former Secretary of
of State [Colin] Powell, "Middle Eastern hegemonist" Israel should be
in the possession of at least more than 250 nuclear bombs.

[SoHu 搜狐 on May 9, 2018]

Latest news by Reuters press agency:
U.S. President Donald Trump will announce on Tuesday whether he will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. Tehran signed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, with China, France, Germany, Russia, Britain and the United States in 2015.

Iran agreed to curbs on its nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of some sanctions. But the withdrawal of the United States would probably sink the deal. If that happens, Iran could retaliate by undermining the interests of Washington and its allies in the Middle East.

Here are some possible scenarios: What could Iran do if Trump pulls out of nuclear deal?

British foreign minister Boris Johnson warns Trump on skipping the nuclear treaty with Iran.


Visitors to "blueprint news" within 2 hours in the morning of May 9, 2018.

US visitor from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and who is interested in Iran.

Monday, May 07, 2018

Iran - Armageddon to Come ?

مجلة: حرب نهاية العالم "هرمجدون" تبدأ خلال أيام

Magazine: The War Ending the World "Armageddon" will Start in Some Days.

This is yesterday's headline (i.e. May 6) of the Russian news center Sputnik quoting the reputed US magazine National Interest. The US article Toward Armageddon: Israel, Iran and the United States Could End up in a War is referring to May 12, the date for President Trump to make a decision on whether the United States will withdraw from the nuclear treaty with Iran.

Yesterday news were spread in the international program of Al-Jazeera TV that Iran's president Rouhani warned of skipping the nuclear deal achieved with support of the Obama administration. Rouhani is quoted as saying that "Iran has its plans ready for such case".

"The Iranian regime, if pushed to the wall as a consequence of repeated attacks on Iranian targets in Syria, may lash out against Israel regardless of the consequences."
[National Interest on May 5, 2018]

Background information on the quoted US source:
The "National Interest", a US magazine on foreign politics founded in 1985, can be seen as an independent source that presents its main goal as follows:
The National Interest seeks to promote, as far as possible, a fresh debate about the course of American foreign policy by featuring a variety of leading authors from government, journalism, and academia, many of whom may at times disagree with each other. But it is only out of such disagreements that dogmas can be dispelled and clarity about America’s proper aims achieved.

نظام طهران في دائرة النار

Tehran Regime in the Circle of Fire.

Another article published today by the influential Arabic daily Asharq Al-Awsat الشرق الأوسط (The Middle East), comes with an evaluation of the tense situation between Iran, Israel and the US by Syrian journalist and writer Fayez Sarah.

The author comes to the conclusion that "the mullahs' regime has put itself in the circle of fire, and it is difficult to get out of it properly, and it will not be able to get the least losses."


Saturday, May 05, 2018

Israel - Approaching War on Iran

العالم الان - إسرائيل تدق طبول الحرب مع إيران

Israel is beating the drums of war.

[Paris Newsشبكة باريس نيوز, Arabic language source, on 5 May 2018]

يبرمان بشأن الحرب مع إيران: أي ثمن ندفعه حاليا أقل بكثير مما سندفعه مستقبلا

Lieberman about war on Iran: [Whatever] price for us to pay at present
is much less than what we have to pay in the future.

The article is referring to Israel's minister of defense Avigdor Lieberman.

[Almadenah News المدينة, Amman / Jordan, on 5 May 2018]

An interesting view on the Middle Eastern conflict was offered by Christian Science Monitor on 4 May. Here are some quotations from their article and which is concentrating on Russia's position in the conflict:

“The roots of the conflict are much deeper than issues over the Iran nuclear deal,” says Vladimir Sotnikov, an independent Middle East expert. “Iran views itself as an ancient civilization, the inheritor of the Persian Empire that once dominated the entire region. The present enmity between Iran and the Arab states of the Gulf, Saudi Arabia in the first place, is just the latest incarnation of a very old feud. Iran sees Israel as just a proxy for the US.”

“For its part, Israel fears that Iran wants to become the regional hegemon, and any force that might block Israeli goals is something it will not tolerate,” Mr. Sotnikov adds. “All this animosity is now unfolding on the Syrian battlefield, with Russia caught in between.”


“The standoff between Israel and Iran is one of the most complicated problems Russian diplomacy faces today,” says Fyodor Lukyanov, editor of Russia in Global Affairs, a leading Moscow foreign policy journal. “Russia's relationship with Iran is made necessary by their cooperation in Syria. They need each other. But there is also good understanding with Israel. Until recently, Russia managed to keep some balance between those two, but now it's becoming impossible.”


Russian hopes for solving the long-running Syrian crisis on its terms will depend on keeping Iran and Israel apart in the coming weeks.

“Putin is a pragmatist, and he understands that Israel has a point when it complains about Iranian military presence near its borders,” says Lukyanov. “But he also cannot allow the achievements Russia has made in Syria to be destroyed. He needs to maintain the alliance with Iran, so he will also need to show Israel that there are certain limits that Israel should not exceed. Russia would never clash directly with Israel, but will probably enforce its will by strengthening Syrian air defenses in ways that restrain Israel's field of action.”

Friday, May 04, 2018

The Alleged Israeli-Saudi Connection

Last Update: 5 May

Saudi-Arabia, the home of an especially strict Sunni-Islam, seems to enjoy secret ties with Zionist Israel as both countries have a common enemy who is posing a threat to their bid for supremacy in the region. Iran, traditionally dominated by Shia-Islam, has become the competitor of, both, Riyadh and Tel Aviv .

No wonder allegations are spreading that both adversaries might secretly unite to fight the Islamic Republic of Iran. While Saudi- Arabia finds Iran in support of Houthi forces in Yemen and who are endangering Riyadh's control on their Arabic neighbour that has always been an important source of cheap working power for the Saudi economy, Israel is fearing Iranian influence on militant Arab organizations like Hezbollah and who are traditionally hostile to the Jewish state. As the chaotic situation in Syria is providing the base for pro-Iranian activity, Israel is now facing a realistic danger to its very existence and which had not been the case to such extent during the last decades when the Jewish state concentrated on keeping the Palestinian Arabs, their Semitic brethren, in a state of apartheid and national uncertainty.

What makes things even more difficult is the fact that Israel and Saudi-Arabia are both connected with the United States in manifold ways. That makes up for a dangerous triangle of power which could blow up all of the Middle East, especially with an unpredictable president Trump heading the dominant position of that constellation.

Here an Iranian publication by Press TV from yesterday 2nd May:

Chairman of the Iranian Parliament's Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy Alaeddin Boroujerdi (center) speaks at a press conference in Damascus, Syria, May 1, 2018.


Le journal saoudien Okaz : «La guerre avec l’Iran est imminente»

The Saudi journal Okaz: "War with Iran is looming".

Le journal saoudien Okaz prédit que le Moyen-Orient sera bientôt témoin d’une guerre contre l’Iran en Syrie, ajoutant que celle-ci deviendrait plus tard une guerre directe entre Israël et l’Iran. Et, officiellement, cette guerre aurait pour objectif de détruire les capacités militaires et surtout nucléaires de l’Iran. «Un scénario se profile à l’horizon. Une guerre contre la présence iranienne en Syrie sera bientôt menée avec le soutien de l’Occident», observe la même source, qui insiste aussi sur l’idée que le Moyen- Orient va entrer dans une zone de turbulences.

The Saudi-Arabian journal "Okaz" predicts that the Middle East will soon witness a war against Iran in Syria, adding that this one would turn, much later, into a direct war between Israel and Iran. And, officially, this war would have as a goal the destruction of Iran's military and, above all, nuclear capacities. "Some scenario is depicting itself on the horizon: A war against the Iranian presence in Syria will soon be realized with Western support", remarks the same source and insists, as well, on the idea that the Middle East is going to enter into a zone of turbulences.

Le journal a souligné que l’hypothèse d’une guerre imminente entre Israël et l’Iran est renforcée par les déclarations hostiles de Washington et Tel-Aviv contre Téhéran. Cette semaine encore, le ministre israélien de la Défense, Avigdor Liberman, a annoncé que «le régime iranien vit ses derniers jours et a promis que son pays allait neutraliser le nucléaire iranien». «On pense que les principaux pays occidentaux soutiennent Israël contre l’Iran, mais de nombreux experts estiment que l’affrontement imminent nécessite une réflexion approfondie en raison des risques qu’elle peut poser dans la région et dans le monde», a, cependant, conclu Okaz.

The journal underlined that the assumption of a looming war between Israel and Iran is being supported by hostile declarations against Tehran coming from Washington and Tel Aviv. This week, as well, Israel's minister of defense, Avigdor Liberman, announced that "the Iranian regime is experiencing its last days and promised that his country is going to neutralize Iran's nuclear [capacity]". "It is believed that [all] important Western countries would support Israel against Iran, but numerous experts consider that an imminent confrontation would need profound reflection regarding the risks it would pose for, both, the region and the world", concluded Okaz.

[Algérie Patriotique, Algier, quoting the Saudi-Arabian journal Okaz on 4 May 2018]

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Israel's Nuclear Weapons Program

Important Updates added on 2nd / 3rd May !

The history of Israel's nuclear weapons program.

The BBC film that exposed Israel's secret illegal nuclear weapons (FULL Documentary)

Israels illegal Dimona Nuclear Weapons Factory In 3D

New York Times article published on 2nd May 2018

Israel on the Brink of War [Haaretz, Israel, on 30 April 2018]

Photo: Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) stationed near Kiryat Shmona in the north.

The north is unprepared for an escalation with Iran, should it occur, said MK Amir Peretz (Zionist Union), who served as minister of defense during the Second Lebanon War, on Tuesday. Israel's main problem, he added, is Iran trying to "incite threats in Syrian territory." [MK = Member of Knesset, Israel's parliament]


"A central point is that in the North, we are not prepared from the perspective of defending the home front, we have a lot to do," he told Army Radio. "We have to invest close to NIS 2 billion so that we will be prepared on the northern front."

In March, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman made similar comments, saying, “If we want fortifications in the North, there must be a multi-year plan of one billion shekels a year. This is the minimum to bring the north to the level of the south.”

[Quotations from the Jerusalem Post on 1st May 2018]

Latest news about Israel's currency on 1st May 2018.

Photo: Air defense units.

إسرائيل تستعد للحرب على إيران.. وتطلب الدعم الأميركي

Israel prepares for the war on Iran ..... calling for support from America.

[Hakaek Online الحقائق أون لاين, Tunis, on 1st May 2018]

Israel Sees Iran War Looming as Mideast Tinderbox Awaits a Spark.
[Bloomberg on 30 April 2018]


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