Monday, December 09, 2013

South Korea Will Extend Air-Defence Zone

韩国扩大防空识别区 覆盖中韩争议岛屿

South Korea will extend its air-defence identification zone,
covering islands disputed between China and South Korea.


On [December] 8, South Korea's ministry of defence announced plans to extend Korea's air-defence identification zone (KADIZ). The regional limits are stretching to LiYu Island (or: SuYanJiao, Korean: Ieodo), MaLuo Island (Marado) and Hong Island (Hongdo) [belonging to] the South-Western part of the peninsula.

All names of Korean islands are given in Chinese Pinyin and Korean romanization. English text and the position of LiYu Island / Su YanJiao (i.e. Su Reef) / Ieodo have been added to the above map for a better understanding of South Korean plannings.

[Source: IFENG 凤凰, quoting a South Korean Source, on December 8, 2013]

Ieodo Rock and Navy Ship


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