Saturday, December 21, 2013

North Korea - New Provocation


North Korea says it will attack the South without previous warning.

[Source: (Network of Defense Daily) 解放牛网—解放日报 on December 21, 2013]


In a telegram North Korea threatens the South [which is] hinting at its intention to conceal the real situation inside the country.


The usual intention behind such provocation is to divert the attention of the outside world, thus leading the outside to overlook the real situation within North Korea.



U.S. military leader Martin Dempsey only recently said, North Korea was probably going to start a military provocation.
Hua ChunYing, spokeswoman for China's ministry of foreign affairs, said the Chinese side opposes any damage whatsoever done to peace stabilizing activity on the Korean peninsula, and hopes that all sides refrain from resorting to statements and actions that would cause a tense situation on the peninsula to [further] escalate.

[Source: SINA - Xinjingbao 新闻中心—新京报 on December 21, 2013]


News from China:


[China's president] Xi JinPing and Bolivia's president extend their mutual congratulations regarding the launch of a [Bolivian] communication satellite.

The satellite was successfully launched on top of a Long March III rocket from the XiChang facility tonight at 0:42 local time. The satellite's perigee is at 210 km distance, its apogee at 42.165 km distance from Earth, and its actual angle of inclination is reported to be 24°. The procedure of roughly placing the satellite was finished 26 minutes after rocket launch. Plannings and construction for that satellite project, however, had taken 15 years at the Chinese development site.

[Source: chinacom / xinhua network - sina / evening news 新华网—新闻晚报 on December 21, 2013]

Editor's Note:
The satellite's orbit is now an elliptic one. In order to reach a circular geostationary orbit at a distance of 42.000 km from Earth, the satellite has still to perform some additional manoeuvres using its own engine. These manoeuvres might last some time. The angle of inclination mentioned above is the angle between the orbit plane and the Earth's equatorial plane. It should be reduced to 0° to ensure maximum performance of the satellite.

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