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North Korea - Important Change in Staff

Important UPDATE added on December 11 !

Today, China's XINHUA Network remembered a high-ranking North Korean politician and officer who has just been expelled from North Korea's "Workers' Party". There are two articles referring to Chang Sung-taek (Chinese writing: Zhang ChengZe). Here are the headlines:


North Korea announces the removal of Chang Sung-taek from all of his posts and from the Party.


Looking back at Chang Sung-taek's activity before he was expelled from the Party.

The Chinese article above is mentioning Chang's removal from office at the age of 67 because of "sectarian behaviour directed against the Party and the revolution". A series of pictures is showing Chang together with North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong-un on different occasions.


A report from the Korean Central News Agency [KCNA] says:
Recently some "differently colored element" within the Party, while carrying on the principal part in a great historical period [determined by] the revolutionary cause, attempted to abolish the Party's sole leading system, to extend his [personal] influence by means of factional conspiracy, and advance a challenge to battle against the Party.
The Workers Party's central political bureau convened an enlarged meeting to discuss Chang Sung-taek's sectarian behaviour directed against the Party and the revolution.

[Editor's Note: The Chinese text uses a common abbreviation for the N Korean news agency which might lead to misinterpretation during translation.]

August 13, 2012: The vice-chairman of North Korea's defence commission, Chang Sung-taek, just arriving in Beijing to attend the joint Chinese-Korean conference for economic cooperation.

December 12, 2012, in Pyongyang / North Korea: Kim Jong-un and Chang Sung-taek (right side) inspecting the central command for satellite control.

[Source: XINHUA Network 新华网 on November 9, 2013]


UPDATE for December 11:


South Korea's intelligence apparatus: Kim Jong-un's second brother took up the matter to catch Chang Sung-taek.


According to [Chin. name: Li YunJie], a representative of the South Korean center for strategic intelligence services [related to] North Korea, it is considered as a fact that one of Kim Jong-un's favourites Choe Ryong-hae, chief of the general political bureau for North Korea's People's Army, as well didn't dare to arrest Chang Sung-taek. The national ministry for public security was also unable to interfere in that matter. Finally, it was Kim Jong-un's second brother Kim Jong-chol to lead the command of the guard's squad of personal bodyguards to arrest Chang Sung-taek.


Early this year in April, Japanese media [strongly proposed] that Kim Jong-chol had already risen to [his fully accepted] leadership of North Korea's secret organization "group of the beacon-fire" within the "Party of the crown prince". It looks as if Kim Jong-un has no real trustworthy man any longer at Pyongyang's highest level, as today's trusted follower could easily turn into tomorrow's enemy. He therefore needs his brother to appear personally to carry out the job of execution.

In the frame of a regular press conference, granted by China's ministry of foreign affairs on Monday December 9, their spokesman said, China regarded the matter of Chang Sung-taek as an entirely internal affair of North Korea.

[Source: SOHU News 搜狐—新闻, quoting the Guangzhou daily DAYOO 大洋网 on November 11, 2013]

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