Saturday, December 14, 2013

China - Successful Moon Landing

Last UPDATE: December 16

嫦娥三号成功落月 中国探测器首次登上地外天体

Third stage of [spaceship] "Chang'e" made a successful landing on the Moon.
First time, China's [robot] explorer stepped on extra-terrestrial celestial body.


"Jade Hare" Now Starting its Scientific Survey

China's landing device approaching the Moon.

From mission control center in Beijing here the first picture transmitted by China's lunar robot "Jade Hare" after its successful landing on the Moon:

Further information on an earlier blogspot of mine: China's Mission to the Moon


China's president Xi JinPing and prime minister Li KeQiang
visiting the spaceflight control center in Beijing on Dec.15.


Xi JinPing came to Beijing's spaceflight control center to watch with joy the photos that were mutually taken by both vehicles [i.e. the landing device and scouting robot].

Editor's Comment:
Decades ago we already became acquainted to Japanese tourists taking photos from each other in front of typical tourist sites everywhere in the world. With regional economy flourishing more and more, we recently met with Chinese and Vietnamese tourists doing the same. However, Chinese vehicles taking photos from each other on a Moon resort, that is certainly something new. - Ulysses


"Chang' e" and "Jade Hare" on Moon,
sending back mutually taken photos.

Live pictures from both vehicles on the Moon
transmitted to mission control center, Beijing.

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