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Syria - Third Party Identified ?

Only two days ago, Kofi Anan mentioned a third party that should be involved in the Syrian conflict when he was speaking in front of the United Nations General Assembly.

Today, on June 9, People's Network, Beijing, had the story of "terrorists" acting in Syria on behalf of the U.S.. As this is really hard stuff on a subject I just dealt with in my last blogspot, I decided to enter that information into my blog. Believe it or not - I think the information can be checked by people more powerful than me.


According to a Turkish admiral, the U.S. are helping terrorists in Syria to carry out massacre(s)


Who fabricated the latest incident of a massacre ?


According to a local coordination committee, the case of slaughtering at Qubeir in Syria's central district of Hama on [June] 6 lead to a death toll of 78. Syrian government troops should be responsible for that incident. Besides, there is another version mentioning a death toll of more than 100 produced by that massacre. ..........


Additional to [the generally accepted version of] "Syrian military" and "opposition" [being responsible for the violence], there is yet another version:
Hinting at four related cases of slaughtering in Syria, the Turkish admiral [Turkur], and who just resigned from Turkey's war academy, considered on June 7 that terrorists, accepting U.S. support and assistance, in recent weeks staged terrorist attacks that were aimed at Syrian citizens and security units. Admiral [Turkur] pointed out that such terrorist activity is only trying to interfere with an imperialistic military tactic [applied as a consequence of] Syria's internal politics.

[Editorial remark: I am not sure whether the Turkish admiral's name is really "Turkur" as the Chinese transcription of his name might not be too accurate. However, the Chinese source, People's Network, has shown itself well informed on similar occasions in the past such that the fact itself should be considered as substantial. Maybe, it's all about just another U.S. commando action that went awfully wrong.]

... 卓创资讯成品油分析师刘峰认为,全球经济增长形势严峻,新一轮的经济刺激计划将陆续出台,在全球流动性释放以及叙利亚动荡局势的推动下,国际油价可能出现新一轮的反弹。 ...

... With global economy on the rise, the situation is going to become grim. New rounds of economic stimulation plannings will follow one after another. Pushed forward by the global mobility [of capital] released and by the turbulent situation in Syria, the international oil prices could bring about a new round of counter-bouncing. ...

Quotation from an article in People's Network (June 9, 2012) on the predicted development of and possible influence on the prices for crude oil:


" Bringing change by indirect response to the expected dropping of oil prices - Four important reasons "

Latest news on Syria by Al-Arabiya on June 10:

تجاذب بين "الوطني السوري" وموسكو حول دور إيران

Affinity between "Patriotic Syria" and Moscow on the subject of Iran's role [in the conflict].

لافروف دعا إلى مشاركة طهران في مؤتمر دولي حول سوريا.. والمعارضة تتحفظ

[Russia's foreign secretary] Lavrov is calling for a collaboration of Tehran in an international conference on Syria ... while the opposition is on its guard.

For additional information on Syria, refer as well to my last blogspot !

Strange Coincidence

In the same edition of People's Network, Beijing on June 9, I found another unusual article that I'm partly quoting below:


Manifold foreign media reported at local time on the evening of June 7 the appearance of a mysterious light beam, [resembling] a travelling whirl, in the sky over Israel, Syria and some other Middle Eastern countries. Numerous eyewitnesses considered having seen an UFO. However, afterwards the media had to inform that [the observed] strange light beam probably came from the test of a Russian intercontinental ballistic missile.

The actual phenomenon was compared with a similar incident in 2009 when the light effects were even more clearly to be observed:

Light effects over Israel in 2012:

Light effects over Norway in 2009:

When I found this article, I was originally looking for some news on an alleged meeting between Russia and China that should now take place in Beijing and be dealing with the Syrian subject. Such information had been announced by CNN some hours before. Unfortunately, I didn't find any further news on that meeting in the semi-official Chinese source.

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