Monday, June 18, 2012

Egypt Voted for Morsy !?

Important UPDATE further down !

It is still uncertain whether Morsy can be expected to be the winning candidate in the presidential race or not. In fact, it seems that Egypt is extremely polarized on this matter. Even Egypt's press is split on the outcome of the presidential elections [=> BBC].

While some regions are showing a strong preference for the candidate of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, others prefer that kind of "peace and stability" which only a former representative of the Mubarak era could offer with some credibility. However, the presidential race will be decided in the densely populated regions rather than some "peaceful and secure" holiday resorts for wealthy tourists or residential areas for the rich and influential of Egypt.

Here are the latest results for the 2nd round of presidential elections in Egypt at 21:30 GMT:

Dakahlia district and its capital El Mansura which is being regarded as Egypt's No. 3 after Cairo and Alexandria:

First, unrefined results from 18:00 GMT for comparison:

The above presented partial results have been provided by the Arabic service of Al-Jazeera TV in a life feed during its regular program. As to the possible source and reliability of these data, there's an interesting article originating from Associated Press and dated on Sunday, June 17. It makes us understand why the followers of Morsy such early took to the streets to celebrate their victory. However, it is clear that this will be a tight race for both candidates:

" ... According to results made public by the Muslim Brotherhood, from just over 80 percent of the more than 13,000 polling stations nationwide, gave Morsi 52.5 percent of the vote and Shafiq 47.5 percent.
The figures were from results announced by election officials at individual counting centers, where each campaign has representatives who compile the numbers and make them public before the formal declaration. The early, partial counts proved generally accurate in the first round of the election last month. "


Identified locations for the last 32 visitors to blueprint news coming from Egypt (below). The map of Egypt might serve as well to locate most places from where regional election data are already available.

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