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Egypt - Post-Electoral Evaluation

Last UPDATE on Saturday June 30, 2012:
Today, Mohammad Morsy should be officially declared President of Egypt. Tens of thousands of supporters are being assembled on Tahrir Square in Kairo where Morsy is expected to deliver a speech prior to his inauguration as a president of his country.

Al-Jazeera TV, Arabic channel, on June 30, 2012:

الرئيس المصري المنتجب محمد مرسي يؤدي اليوم اليمين رسميا أمام المحكمة الدستورية العليا و يخطب في جامعة القاهرة

The elected president of Egypt, Mohammad Morsy, [feels honoured] to swear the presidential oath today before the Supreme Constitutional Court and deliver a speech at the University of Kairo.


Above: Israel's president Shimon Peres in an interview with CNN on June 12 where he praised the Arab Spring after having noted that he never had any problems with Egypt's former president Mubarak.

Al-Jazeera, Arabic wesite, on June 29, 2012:

صعود محمد مرسي بالعين الإسرائيلية

The advancement of Mohammad Morsy in the focus of Israel

قطع صعود الدكتور محمد مرسي بفوزه بانتخابات الرئاسية المصرية, الشك باليقين بالنسبة للحولة العبرية الصهيونية و لساستها و قادتها الأمنيين و العسكريين ...

The victorious advancement of Doctor Mohammad Morsy in the presidential elections of Egypt has raised doubts of credibility [concerning] the percentage [i.e. of his victory] among the [powerful and important] Zionists and their [cowboys / stablemen] and those in command of their security and military ...

الذين بقوا حتى اللحظات الأخيرة يراهنون على فوز محسوب و مدروس للعرشح الفريق أحمد شفيق, وله بنسبة ضئيلة

... who vigorously and up to the last moments were taking bets for the favorized and [intensely considered] victory of the candidate [representing] the faction of Ahmad Shafiq with a modest [lead of votes].


Al-Jazeera TV on June 28, 2012
(translation of subtitles):

الرئيس المصري المنتخب: رجال الصحافة و الاعلام أكبر من التوجيه أو الاحتواء

The elected Egyptian president: Men of the press and [other] media [are] most benevolent or of much comprehension [i.e. to the cause of the revolution].

الرئيس المصري المنتخب: لا مجال للغة التخوين في كافة مناحي العمل

The elected Egyptian president: There is no place for the language of [treason] in all aspects of action.

مرسي يدعو إلى مؤتمر جامع موسع يمثل فيه كافة الإعلاميين في كل المجالات

Morsy calls for a large united conference that represents all [different opinions] in all fields [i.e. of society].

مرسي يدعو إلى مؤتمر اعلامي جامع تخرج عنه توصيات تتحول إلى سلوك حقيقى يتوافق عليه الجميع

Morsy calls for a united conference [of consultations] to reject the commands that are turning into "right behaviour" what is [already] accepted by everybody.

عدد من الأحزاب المصرية تعلن تشكيل تيار سياسي مدني جديد تحت اسم التيار الثالث

Numerous Egyptian parties announced the formation of a civil political current under the name of "Third Current".

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