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Egypt - الأحكام في قضية مبارك - Anger at Mubarak Verdict - مصر

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Tens of thousands of protesters are now assembling on Tahrir Square in Kairo and elsewhere after an Egyptian law court ruled a life sentence for former president Mubarak who thus evaded a death sentence. His sons and security officials were considered as "not guilty".

While the Muslim Brotherhood and their candidate Morsy immediately called for protest, Morsy's competitor in the presidential elections, Mubarak's former prime minister Shafiq, declared the Mubarak verdict as "just" and added that "nobody should stand above the law" [quotation from CNN, Arabic text below quoted from Al-Jazeera].

أحمد شفيق: الحكم ضد مبارك يثبت ألا أحد فوق المساءلة

Ahmed Shafiq: The verdict against Mubarak confirms that there is nobody above the [(juridical) interrogation].

Mohammed Morsy speaking on Tahrir Square in Kairo:

المرشح الرئاسي محمد مرسي يعقد مؤتمراً صحفياً للتعليق على الأحكام في قضية مبارك

Presidential candidate Mohammed Morsy summons a press conference on the subject of verdicts in the Mubarak case.

محمد مرسي: مطلوب أدلة اتهام حقيقية و تحقيق قضائي على أعلى مستوى للقصاص العادل

Mohammed Morsy: Arguments [or: proofs and witness reports] are being requested for [any] authentic accusations and the juridical investigation on the highest level [in that case of] punishment of the righteousness [or: justness].

حزب النور ثاني أكبر الأحزاب تمثيلا في البرلمان المصري يصف الأحكام بأنها صادمة

The Al-Nar Party, being the second biggest party represented in Egypt's parliament, is considering the verdicts as shocking.

Parents, relatives and friends of "martyrs of the revolution" are deeply shocked by the Mubarak verdict which shows that Egypt has not yet reached the goal of its revolution:

The day before: Public rage against presidential candidate Shafiq. Participants in demonstration holding up their shoes in protest:

[Sources: CNN and Al-Jazeera, English and Arabic channel]

Additional information by Al-Arabiya TV:

- News on June 1-2, 2012:

محاكمة القرن.. مبارك والعادلي إلى السجن مدى الحياة

اشتباكات عنيفة داخل قاعة المحاكمة وخارجها فور مغادرة المتهمين والقضاء

Violent conflicts inside the courtroom and [people] boiling [with rage] at the outside when the accused and the court left.

- News on June 3, 2012:

خبراء قانون: علاء وجمال مبارك سيحصلان على البراءة

Legal information: Ala'a and Gamal Mubarak will be considered as innocent.

قالوا إن من بين الخيارات إنقضاء الدعوى بالتقادم أو الانقضاء بالتصالح

It has been reported that among other options [there might be] an end of process [due to] a limitation period or the termination by means of [reaching a settlement].

Ala'a and Gamal Mubarak at court.

Latest election news from Al-Jazeera's Arabic website on June 3, 2012:

باحث: الغرب وإسرائيل يفضلان شفيق

Investigator [says]: The West and Israel are preferring Shafiq [as new Egyptian president].

When Al-Jazeera quoted an " eminent German investigator and expert in politics باحث وخبير سياسي ألماني بارز ", they referred to " Udo Steinbach, director of the Asian and African Center at Marburg University مدير مركز آسيا وأفريقيا بجامعة ماربورغ أودو شتاينباخ ".

Portrait of Prof. Dr. Udo Steinbach

News from People's Network, Beijing, on June 4, 2012:


Egypt's former prime minister [Shafiq] states that the Muslim Brotherhood could carry Egypt back into a "dark era".

News from Al-Arabiya on June 4, 2012:

واصل المرشح الرئاسي أحمد شفيق اختراقه لملفات لم يتعرض لها منافسه. فبعد خطابه في المؤتمر الصحافي، أمس الأحد، عن عدة قضايا وهجومه اللاذع على جماعة الإخوان المسلمين ومرشحها محمد مرسي

Presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq is continuing to enforce his [claim] that he never [used] the [secret] dossier of his competitor - [at the time of] his speech in the press conference, last sunday, and when he prepared the juridical [comment] as well as his acrid attack at the Muslim Brotherhood and their candidate Mohammed Morsy.

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