Saturday, June 23, 2012

Egypt - At Boiling Point

While ten thousands are demonstrating on Tahrir Square in Kairo against military rule and for an immediate proclamation of the winner in Egypt's presidential elections, Al-Jazeera, Arabic TV channel, has some additional news in its early morning program of June 23:

لقاءات بين الإخوان و المجلس العسكري لحل الازمة في مصر

Meetings between [Muslim] Brotherhood and Military Council in order to solve the Egyptian crisis.
[UPDATE from the evening news of Al-Jazeera TV, Arabic channel, on June 23]

مرسي يتعهد باختيار رئيس وزراء و نائبين للرئيس من خارج حزب الخرية و العدالة

Morsy engages in the selection of a prime minister and vice-prime ministers [coming from the] outside of [his] Party for Liberty and Justice.

المجلس العسكري: سيادة القانون هى أساس الحكم في الدولة

The military council: The authority of law is a base of the nation's power.

المجلس العسكري في مصر يؤكد وقوفه على مسافة و احدة من القوى السياسية كافة

The military council of Egypt confirms its stopping of any [one-sided] race [on behalf] of any political powers [whatsoever].

مصادر قضائية مصرية للجزيرة: ترجيح الإعلان عن نتيجة الانتخابات الرئاسية غدا

Juridical sources in Egypt [told] Al-Jazeera: For tomorrow there is a [high] probability for the result of the presidential elections being proclaimed.

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