Tuesday, October 31, 2017

N Korea - Nuclear Site Collapsed

[ 朝鲜核试验场坑道崩塌 约200人死亡 ]

As many as 200 construction workers are feared dead after the collapse of a tunnel at a nuclear test site in North Korea, according to a Japanese media report.

The tunnel was being built at the Punggye-ri test site when it collapsed, according to a report on Japan's TV Asahi citing an unnamed source in North Korea.

It said that about 100 people were initially trapped in the tunnel and another 100 may have been killed by a second collapse as they tried to rescue the first group.

The broadcaster said the collapse took place around 10 September. The incident should be consistent with recently observed seismic shocks.

[Source: The Independent - The Sun - The Telegraph on October 31, 2017, about two hours ago]

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