Tuesday, October 10, 2017

N Korea - The Last Parade ?

Last Update included on October 11, 02:00 am CET


October 8, N Korea summoned the 7th session of the 2nd plenary meeting of its Workers Party.

On that occasion, Kim Jong-Un's younger sister Kim Yo-Jong was promoted as a new member of the Workers Party Politburo, taking the place of an elderly aunt to the Kim family.

Today, October 10, public celebrations will be held as a reminder of the foundation of the N Korean Workers Party in 1945. At the same time, the 20th anniversary of Kim Jong-Un's late father, Kim Jong-Il, coming to power will be celebrated.


要求多国切断与朝外交 美孤立朝鲜行动开始见效

Demanding all nations to cut off diplomacy with North Korea,
America's isolation of North Korea is beginning to bear fruit.

[Source: Zaobao 早报, Singapore Morning News on October 10, 2017]


Read more from the Financial Times article published this morning !
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Some quotations from the above article:

Lee Cheol-hee, a member of the ruling Democratic party, on Tuesday said hackers had broken into a defence data centre in September last year. He said stolen documents included Operational Plan 5015 — the most recent allied blueprint for war with North Korea.

The plans reportedly includes detailed procedures for a decapitation strike against the North Korean regime — a proposal that has infuriated Kim Jong Un, the country’s supreme leader.

Citing South Korean defence officials, Mr Lee said 235 gigabytes of data had been stolen, although 80 per cent of the documents had yet to be identified. Among the files identified were contingency plans for Seoul’s special forces as well as information on key military facilities and power plants, the lawmaker said.

Editor's Note:

During the day, same news were being published by different sources including BBC. However, I am now convinced that this is not entirely breaking news, as I can remember having read about N Korean military hacking of S Korean forces already months ago in a short notice published on the web.

Furthermore it should be added that, today, South Korean forces on a "ground battle day" made an exhibition of their state-of-the-art tanks and artillery and which helped much in soothing irritated South Korean civilians [Source: Al-Jazeera TV, international channel, in their evening news].

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