Tuesday, October 10, 2017

N Korea - Likeliness of War

A Russian official who visited North Korea:
N Korea is going to launch another missile.


On October 9, a Russian official and who had been to North Korea from October 2-6 declared that North Korea will be able to launch a missile as soon as October 10 [... and which is the date of an important N Korean Workers Party anniversary].

Editor's Note: Anton Morozov, a member of the Russian lower house of parliament’s international affairs committee, and who had visited the DPRK accompanied by two other Russian lawmakers was originally quoted by Russia's news agency RIA for the above information [Source: Reuters].

[Source: DW 多维新闻网 on October 9, 2017]

Russia's foreign minister: An escalation of the tense
situation on the Korean peninsula cannot be tolerated.

[Source: XinHua 新华网, PR China's News Agency on October 9, 2017]

Russia orders U.S. to abandon N Korea fight as major conflict looms.

Russia has issued a severe warning to Donald Trump as its foreign minister Lavrov said in a phone call with U.S. foreign secretary Tillerson the escalation over North Korea is "unacceptable".

Russia's foreign ministry, said: "Lavrov underlined the inadmissibility of any escalation of tension on the Korean peninsula, to which the USA's military preparations lead, and called for contradictions to be resolved by diplomatic means only."

Mr. Lavrov also told Mr. Tillerson Moscow is demanding the U.S. returns Russian diplomatic property seized in 2016 over suspected Russian interference in the U.S. general election.

The phone call came just hours after Donald Trump's most senior general told the U.S. Army to "stand ready" for war with North Korea.

General James 'Mad dog' Mattis warned it is impossible to tell what the future holds for the crisis, but urged U.S. troops to be prepared for a confrontation with Kim Jong-Un.

[Source: Quotations from Express, UK, on October 9, 2017. That source published as well a series of pictures showing Russian border guards amassing on the North Korean border and patrolling the top of Zaozyonara Hill, a meeting point between Russia, North Korea and China.]

Australians fear North Korea standoff will lead to war.
(The Guardian Essential poll)

Australians are concerned that the current standoff between the United States and North Korea will lead to all-out military confrontation, with 55% fearing that outcome, according to the latest Guardian Essential poll and which included 1,846 voters:

16% war very likely
39% war somewhat likely
24% war somewhat unlikely
12% war very unlikely

Women were more pessimistic about the brinkmanship leading to war than men – 61% compared with 49%. People over 55 were less likely than younger people to believe war likely.

[Source: Quotations from The Guardian, UK, on October 9, 2017]

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