Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Sea of Japan - Dangerous Encounter

Tupolev TU-95 bomber

俄战略轰炸机遭美日战机跟踪 事发时正前往日本海

Russian strategic bombers encountered U.S.-Japanese fighters
and were followed on their way to the Japanese Sea.

As the Russian Ministry of Defence declared on October 31, two Russian TU-95 MC had been tracked down on their flight near Japan by U.S. and Japanese fighters.

According to a Japanese Joint Staff press release two Russian TU-95 had been observed in the region on August 23, 2017, while surrounding Japan on a flight that took them from Russia's Far East following the South Korean coastline of the Japanese Sea to the entrance of the Yellow Sea and then back home following the Japanese coastline on its Pacific Ocean side.

Another Japanese report from August 24 confirmed the presence of six Chinese H-6 bombers in the same region that day.

[Source: SINA military news 新浪军事 on October 31, 2017]

Editor's Note:

Patrol flights of Chinese Hong H-6 bombers have been earlier observed at the southern border of Japan and near the U.S. airforce base of Guam. Their flight routes are marking the border of China's traditional region of influence in the South China Sea (南中国海) and which is now regularly questioned by the U.S. and their allies.

The following Japanese Joint Staff press release is dating back to July 20 this year when eight H-6 bombers, accompanied by two Y-8 reconnaissance planes, followed a typical route in that region:

Hong H-6 bomber

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