Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Kim Jong-Un Erasing further Family Members ?

Update related to N Korea added below !

Kim Han-Sol

金正男之子逃亡 过境台湾惊惶30小时

In the last 30 hours: Son of Kim Jong-Nam fled panic-stricken via Taiwan.

With the help of a North Korean dissidents' group, the son of recently assassinated Kim Jong-Nam, exiled brother to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, fled his residence in Macao, China.

21-year-old Kim Han-Sol had criticised the regime in Pyongyang like his father and who was recently killed in a nerve gas attack at Kuala Lumpur airport, Malaysia, most probably by agents of the North Korean regime. Kim Jong-Nam's bloodline made him a potential threat to the Kim dynasty, same goes now for his son Kim Han-Sol who can be regarded as a nephew to Kim Jong-Un. Kim Han-Sol was accompanied by his sister and his mother.

The dissidents' group involved said it sought help from foreign governments for the rescue of Kim Han Sol. The US, China and the Netherlands allegedly provided assistance with travel, visas or other aspects of the plan, according to the group. China’s foreign ministry said it had no information on the rescue, and the Netherlands and US declined to comment.

This comes at a time when two women charged for carrying out the assassination of Kim Jong-Nam "pleaded not guilty" in court, even though video footage from Kuala Lumpur airport cameras could serve as a proof.

[Main Sources: 联合早报, Chinese Morning News from Singapore on October 3, 2017, and The Australian on October 2]

Update on October 4, 2017:

There's a U.S. report on North Koreans Working Abroad. Even though it's written for American readers, you should find it interesting as well if you were from Germany. You might be astonished to recognize the brands .....

A Reuters report is quoting Russia's president Putin: Putin says military strike against North Korea not sure to succeed.


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