Tuesday, October 24, 2017

N Korea - Last Warning from China

Important Update added !

金正恩为何不敢在十九大试射飞弹 学者给出答案

Why did Kim Jong-Un not dare to test-fire a missile during the
19th Great Congress [i.e. of China's Communist Party CCP] ?
A scholar provides us with the answer !

中国人民大学国际关系教授Chong Sho-Hu对英国媒体BBC表示,如果朝鲜继续导弹试射和核试验,那么这个政权将会死亡。“朝鲜现在正站在深渊边缘,轻轻一推就能使其跌落悬崖。如果朝鲜再试射飞弹,整个国家就会跌入悬崖。”

In an interview with the British medium BBC, Chong Sho-Hu, professor for international relations at the People's University of China, made clear one thing: If North Korea continued to test-fire guided missiles and nuclear tests, that regime will choose to meet with its doom.

"North Korea is just standing at the edge of an abyss. Lightly, one push forward can cause its fall down the cliff. If North Korea test-launches another missile, the whole country could fall into the precipice."


He told the BBC as well that "China has neither eternal friends nor eternal enemies". China had undergone relations as close friends with the former Soviet Union and Vietnam, however, much later a war broke out [with each of them] as well. Today now, the mainland [of China]'s relations with North Korea are not like they were that year with the Soviet Union or Vietnam. North Korea's activity of test launches is "seeking death" and could cause the friendship between the mainland and North Korea come to an end.


He additionnally pointed out that, both, Beijing authorities and China's supreme leadership are getting angry. China is expecting to punish North Korea.

[Source: "Forbidden News" 中国禁闻网-禁书网禁书网, Chinese underground news survey on October 24, 2017, quoting an interview only recently broadcast by the BBC Radio 4 with an influential Chinese official, Professor Chong Sho-Hu and who is considered an expert in international relations at China's People's University.]

A related Chinese language tweet was already launched by the editor of "blueprint news" two days before on October 22, 2017. It was targeting, among others, those North Koreans abroad who are able to read Chinese text.


The FBI is now investigating into the Chinese business structures behind a North Korean weapons deal that was blocked in 2016 when a disguised North Korean ship, the "Jie Shun" sailing under the flag of Cambodia, was stopped in the Egyptian Suez Canal. Hidden under its declared payload of iron ore, Egyptian authorities found about 24.000 rocket-propelled grenades (RPG) and other weapons worth some $23 million. Because of Egypt reacting rather reluctantly to an urgent U.S. request to stop the "Jie Shun", the country became immediately suspected of having bought the military load from North Korea for its own armed forces and which is what Egypt's government furiously rejected.

The Chinese Epoch Times, an anti-communist publication, seems to have made its own investigations into HongKong shipping companies probably related to the transport of North Korean boycott merchandise. Here is something they found out:

Excerpt from an Epoch Times 大纪元 article published on October 24, 2017.


Today on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, U.S. Congress (the House) passed legislation
that seeks to cut off North Korea’s access to financial institutions around the world amid
its nuclear provocations.

“Foreign banks can either do business benefiting N Korea or business with the
United States. They cannot do both,” says the author of the passed bill 415-2.

Source: The Hill political news from Capitol Hill on October 24, 2017.


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