Monday, November 06, 2017

Trump on N Korea - Strategic Patience Over

Trump says 'strategic patience' with North Korea over
as [Japan's leader] Abe introduces sanctions.

The time for "strategic patience" with North Korea is over, U.S. President Donald Trump said today after winning Japan's backing on his policy of considering all options to rein in the rogue state.

[SBS, Australian news service on November 6, 2017]


Report says: The radiation from a North Korean nuclear test
could be blown with the wind into the direction of Japan.

[Epoch Times 大纪元 on November 4, 2017]

Australia conducts naval drills to stop and search
North Korean weapons ships.

Defence Minister Marise Payne said the drills would enforce UN Security Council Resolution 2375, concerning "the interdiction of vessels carrying suspicious cargo".

Australian frigates HMAS Melbourne and HMAS Parramatta will undertake the training alongside South Korea's Sejong the Great destroyer ship and USS Chafee, an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer.

The training mission came as the Pentagon outlayed the grim choices facing the US and its allies in stopping North Korea, saying that a full ground invasion of the country was "the only way" to be certain it could destroy all of Pyongyang's nuclear weapons.

[The Sidney Morning Herald on November 6, 2017]

[Editor's Note: The Pentagon's evaluation of reasonable military options was given as an answer to the request of some U.S. Congressmen and was confirmed by different western sources the day before.]

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