Wednesday, December 13, 2017

N Korea on the Brink of Change

Last Update: December 14.

The brand-new article quoted below was published this morning by some usually well-informed however strictly anti-communist Chinese daily, the Epoch Times 大纪元 .

【熱點透視】金正恩翻臉 朝鮮變局走向何方

Hotspot Perspective: Kim Jong-un's sudden turn ...
What's the direction of North Korea's change ?

That article resumes the same position it introduced in an earlier publication some days ago:

In recent days, North Korea showed its rather new inclination to direct talks with its arch-enemy the U.S. administration of Donald Trump.

At the same time it becomes obvious that North Korea's position towards China has changed during the years of fruitless anti-nuclear talks and which finally led to China supporting new sanctions imposed on its former ally.

From there, China has step by step come into the focus of a possible North Korean revenge and which makes China to become just another target for North Korea's nuclear blackmail, even more as many of China's civilian high-value targets are within missile-reach of North Korea.

In the frame of a possible North Korean revenge, the Epoch Times author is considering three potential first level targets like Beijing, Shanghai and the Three-Gorges-Dam, such including the administrative and economic centrals of China.

Further second level targets like China's nuclear power centrals should be endangered as well. Even command operations of North Korean elite troops using biochemical weapons in China should not be excluded.

It is anyway regarded as an established fact that China's leadership is sensing dramatic changes being in progress in North Korea.

How else could it be that China is planning camps to canalize possible waves of North Korean refugees from economic disaster and/or the dangers of war.

Even Kim Jong-un seems to be underway in his own country for some reason. According to the Chinese source he should have travelled to the mountaineous region near Mount Paektu which he hadn't visited during winter time for many years and where nuclear installations are in reach.


The following Chinese language document only recently appeared on the web. It is directly referring to the construction of refugee camps for North Koreans in China's Jilin province.

防北韓難民湧入? 傳吉林正規劃設置難民營

To prevent N Korean refugees from surging in ? Jilin is planning to set up refugee camps.

[ON.CC , HongKong, published December 6, 2017]

HongKong based Chinese language media provided the above shown copy together with a hint at some site near the Chinese - North Korean border named "Duck Green River 鸭绿江" and which is referring to the Yalu River. This border region is known as a former battlefield in different wars since the end of the 19th century including the Korean War in the 1950ies.

A better quality copy of the quoted document and which is available from another web source, is showing the origin of that message as follows:

"China messenger service of Jilin province, BaiShan [city] branch" with Baishan 白山 meaning "White Mountain" and which refers to nearby Paektu Mountain in neighbouring North Korea.


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