Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Korea - Meeting Point of Military Force

While U.S. and South Korean air force and navy units are amassing near the border to North Korea in the greatest show of military strength ever experienced since the Korean War in the 1950ies, China did something it's never done before to warn the U.S. about fighting North Korea when it started its own military drills in the Yellow Sea, close to the Korean Peninsula.

While Russia's navy just ended an amphibious landing operation in Kamchatka and Primorye province near to the country's border with North Korea after deploying hundreds of marines to that region, Russia's deputy foreign minister Igor Morgulov announced that communication channels with North Korea are being held open to "exert influence" on Russia's neighbour and traditional ally in Pyongyang.

Even though Russia isn't amused about Kim Jong-un ignoring UN sanctions in his intention to create an accepted nuclear power, it seems to be still providing the rogue country with oil derivates and which hasn't been declared illegal by the international community up to now.

That comes at the same time when a U.S. Republican senator in Washington DC made his thoughts public that it was now the right time to repatriate family members of U.S. military personnel from South Korea.

As North Korea is still unwilling to join an open dialogue with the U.S. and their partners to solve problems or, at least, show restraint in its nuclear ambitions, there seems to be no room left for any peaceful solution whatsoever.

Therefore, it is no longer a question of whether there will be war, but rather when it would start. One might even be inclined to demand the parties involved in the conflict to come to terms, this way or the other, such that information-mining journalists and bloggers could get some sleep before the really bad news arrived.


Elementary knowledge on the protection from nuclear weapons.

吉林党报谈核武器防护 朝鲜半岛局势不妙?

A "Jilin Party News" report is discussing how to protect from nuclear weapons.

The situation on the Korean peninsula is far from encouraging.

[DW 多维新闻 quoting the local Chinese daily Jilin [province] Party News 吉林党报 from December 6, 2017]

Inscription stone marking the border of China and North Korea in China's Jilin province.

Some weeks ago, I happened to read a western journalist's report about his trip to North Korea. He wrote that during his journey he once had asked a local North Korean how he considered to survive a nuclear war. That man had looked surprised at him and had allegedly answered: " I think we will win that war ". - Ulysses


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