Monday, December 04, 2017

Hwasong-15 Blew Up in Mid-Air

'Blew up and fell apart'

Described by Pyongyang as its "most powerful" missile, the 29 November launch ended up in Japanese waters but flew higher than any other the North had previously tested.

Today South China Morning Post quoted Cathay Pacific’s general manager of operations Mark Hoey as saying on a staff online communication platform : “Today [date unspecified] the crew of CX893 reported, ‘Be advised, we witnessed the DPRK missile blow up and fall apart near our current location.’

“We advised ATC [air traffic control] and ops [operations] [were] normal.” Hoey added. “Looking at the actual plots, CX096 might have been the closest, at a few hundred miles laterally.”

Cathay Pacific cargo flight CX096 left the company's operational home base of Hong Kong for Anchorage in Alaska at about 11pm on November 28. It was over Japan when the missile was launched, according to flight trackers.

According to a BBC report published this morning, the launch was reportedly also witnessed by two South Korean aircraft en route to Seoul from the US.

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