Tuesday, October 30, 2012

U.S.A. - Hurricane Sandy Makes Devastating Landfall

UPDATE included !

Hurricane Sandy, now classified as a post-tropical storm, is more than 1.600 km wide and could be the largest storm in U.S. history.

As strong winds are pressing sea water into the densely populated region of New York / New Jersey, heavy floodings are expected in that area and all over the East Coast. At the time this blogspot came into being, increasing floodings were still not reaching their highest tide.

According to New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, 375.000 people need to leave their homes.

TV screenshots are showing a partially flooded bridge crossing river Hudson in lower Manhattan N.Y. and a damaged crane that is dangling in front of a newly built residence for the very rich.

Other pictures are showing heavy floodings in the federal state of Connecticut. 360.000 people have been evacuated there.

Even deer was caught in the floods.

West Virginia's governor has declared the state of emergency as his state is expecting a blizzard that might bring heavy snowfall.

About 8.1 million homes and businesses in 13 federal states are without electricity [UPDATE on the same day based on official sources]. U.S. President Obama has declared the state of emergency and sent troopers of the National Guard for assistance.

A car tunnel in New York Manhattan in the evening of October 30 [Source: People's Network, Beijing]:


Facing the damage that hurricane Sandy has inflicted on North America, it appears rather incredible from the outside that any election propaganda whatsoever could still trouble the night of U.S. citizens. However, here is what Al-Arabiya put into their headlines on October 31 and in the aftermath of a historical catastrophe, the provocative picture of a smiling Osama Bin Laden belonging to the article:

لقطات أوباما في فيلم بن لادن تقض مضجع الجمهوريين

Views of Obama in a Bin Laden film are troubling the night for citizens.

فيلم عن عملية مقتل زعيم تنظيم القاعدة يبث قبل يومين من الانتخابات الأمريكية

A film [showing] the operation that killed the leader of Al-Qaeda organization is being propagated on the eve of U.S. elections.

Maybe some can't imagine such floodings in their dusty countries.

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