Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chinese-German Relations Marking 40 Years

The following Chinese text has been translated from yesterday's regular press conference of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. While the island dispute between China and Japan is still topping China's political agenda, the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Germany offers a pleasant contrast. The ministry's spokesman Hong Lei (above picture) was answering a relevant question:


Germany's foreign minister Westerwelle is going to visit China on October 11-13. PLease, give an evaluation of the situation relevant to current Chinese-German relations.


Responding to foreign minister Yang Jiechi's invitation, Germany's foreign minister Westerwelle is going to visit China on October 11-13 in order to attend the third round of strategic talks on foreign minister level.


Current Chinese-German relations are developing very well. Both countries are preserving close contact and relations on a high level. In April this year, prime minister Wen Jiabao went to Germany in order to attend the Hannover industrial fair's opening ceremony [and] China's partner country activities, [thus] further propelling the development of both countries' relationship. In August [chancellor Merkel] paid her second visit to China within a year in order to attend the second round of Chinese-German governmental consultations. Both parties have reached manyfold common insight into politics, economy as well as other important fields [which is] emphasizing a joint advance to future prospects within a strategic partnership.


This year is marking 40 years of diplomatic relations between China and Germany, the activities of a "Chinese Culture Year" just being staged in Germany. Developing even closer tied Chinese-German relations conforms to the fundamental interest of both countries and both of its peoples. China is ready for joint efforts together with Germany [in order to] deepen mutual trust in politics, to advance a cooperation in all fields for mutual benefit and to promote a continued forward-looking development of both countries' relations. China is convinced that foreign minister Westerwelle's visit will bring further support for the development of a strategic partnership that is looking into the future.

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