Thursday, October 11, 2012

Turkey Downs Syrian Passenger Plane

تركيا تفرج عن طائرة سورية بعد مصادرة حمولة مشبوهة

Turkey releases a Syrian plane after confiscation of suspicious payload.

الطائرة كانت في طريقها من موسكو إلى دمشق وعلى متنها 35 راكباً

The plane was on its way from Moscow to Damascus with 35 passengers on board.

According to the Turkish news agency Al-Anadoul, four Turkish F-4 fighters should have downed the Syrian Airbus A-320 with an alleged payload of weapons. This happened after Turkey's foreign minister had said: "the gist of some intelligence [report] informs us that the plane is not respecting the rules of civil aviation":
" تلقينا معلومات مفادها أن الطائرة لا تحترم قواعد الطيران المدني "

Syrian government TV confirmed that Turkish aviation authorities had forced the plane to land in Ankara.

[Source: Al-Arabiya on October 10, 2012]

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