Tuesday, August 16, 2011

LIBYA - Rebels on the Road to Victory

ثوار ليبيا يصعدون هجماتهم في البريقة و الزاوية و انتشار أمني مكثف لقوات القذافي في طرابلس
Libyan rebels intensify their assaults in Brega and al-Zaouiya and deployment of intense security [measures] among Gadafi forces in Tripolis. [Al-JAZEERA]

利比亚首都遭战略包围 卡扎菲政权或挺不过8月底?
The Libyan capital is suffering from a strategy of besieging
the Gadafi regime. Can it resist until the end of August ?

[Question discussed by People's Daily - Online Edition (Renmin Wang)
on August 17, 2011, after recent proceedings of the Libyan rebels.]

Video and Map: Latest advances of the Rebel Army in Western Libya. The most important coastal road, linking Tripolis with Eastern Libya and the Tunisian border in the West, is now being blocked at Misrata in the East and al-Zaouiya in the West. Al-Jazeera, Arabic Service, on August 16, 2011.

=> Misrata

Map: The blue arrow in the map of Western Libya is pointing at the most probable position of the above traffic sign. The important coastal town of Misrata, now in the hands of the rebels like al-Zaouiya, is situated at the right side of the map but has not been included.
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For comparison, another map of North-Western Libya has been added and which is dating back to March 5, 2011. On this map, three places are marked by red stars as war zones where continuous military resistance against the Gadafi regime took place. These places are (from left to right) Sabrata, al-Zaouiya and Misrata. At that time, especially the people of Misrata suffered much hardship as their town had been shelled by Gadafi troops from both sides, i.e. from land and sea. NATO bombardment finally put an end to that shelling. The Southern parts of Western Libya were still under control of the regime. Some time later, the Rebel Army got access to the Tunisian border and established a badly needed line of supply for ammunition and material.

According to Egyptian sources, the Libyan deputy minister of the interior has arrived in Kairo together with all of his family. When questioned, Ibrahim Moussa, the speaker of Gadafi's government, denied the deputy minister might have fled his country saying instead that he recently suffered from too much stress and needed some time to come to terms with himself. [Different Sources]

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