Sunday, August 28, 2011

LIBYA - No Negotiations with Gadafi

According to CNN and FOX News, Saadi Gadafi should have contacted Libyan rebels to offer negotiations intended to "save the country", thereby obviously acting on behalf of his father (FOX News, Al-Jazeera). Libyan National Transition Council NTC has already rejected any negotiations with the Gadafi clan when the African Union demanded a shared representation of Libya in the AU " with the Gadafi administration sitting side by side with the rebels ". As many African nations already recognized the provisional NTC government together with the Arab League members and many other countries, the African Union's decision could only be understood in the frame of Gadafi's support for that institution at a time when he was able to pump much of Libya's oil money into his ambitious plans for an "African Renaissance" where he could play a decisive role with the help of the African Union.

There are rumours that Libyan rebel forces have been recently supported by UK special forces. [Al-Jazeera]

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