Monday, August 22, 2011

LIBYA - The Fall of Tripolis

UPDATE August 23, Morning News:

اشتباكات متقطعة بين الثوار و كتائب تابعة للقذافي في بعض جيوب المقاومة في طرابلس
Occasional confrontations between rebels and units of Gadafi followers in certain pockets of resistance in Tripolis.

الثوار ينصبون حواجز تفتيش في طرابلس لمنع أي خرق أمني في ظل وجود بعض جيوب المقاومة
Rebels are installing fortified checkpoints in Tripolis to avoid any security breach in the shadow of such existing pockets of resistance.

مضادات النيتو تسقط صاروخ سكود أطلقته كتائب القذافي من مدينة سرت الليبية
Gadafi units in the town of Sirt al-Libia launched a Skud missile directed against Nato [forces].

The Fall of Tripolis

سقوط طرابلس

Rebels at Bab Aziziya in Tripolis last night. The ancient fortress
became only recently known when Gadafi held his most militant
and often quoted speech there at the beginning of the uprising.
Nevertheless, the nearby complex where Gadafi's living quarters
are being expected, is still under control of government troops.
Moreover, heavily armed loyalist troops are being expected
heading for the area. The Arabic subtitle on the above picture
is reading:
"[News agency] Reuters referring to sources from among the
rebels: High death scores of rebels during battles with Gadafi
units in Tripolis."

This morning, both, Al-Jazeera and CNN reported about
the capture of three Gadafi sons, including Saif Al-Islam
(left side of above picture), recently referred to as the
"de facto prime minister of Libya". Another one, Mohammed
Gadafi (right side) and who has been rather less involved
in politics, managed to phone Al-Jazeera TV at the time
when rebels stormed into his home. Any pictures that might
have been taken during or immediately after the arrests
have not been released by the rebels up to now (i.e.
12:00 am GMT).

As to Colonel Muammar Gadafi himself, his whereabouts
are still being unknown. There are rumours that his camp
might negotiate with African states, especially with South
Africa, to find asylum there, but this has not been confirmed
by any side.

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