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LIBYA - Gadafi Family in Algeria

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ثوار ليبيا يضغطون باتجاه سرت, و الجزائر تؤكد دخول أفراد من عائلة القذافي إلى أراضيها
Libyan rebels are pushing forward in the direction of Sirt [above picture], and Algeria confirms the entry of persons belonging to the Gadafi family on their territory.

According to Algerian authorities, two sons of Gadafi [below picture: Hannibal (left), Mohammed (right)], his daughter and his wife are among the group that fled into Algeria.

Above picture:
Lots of calcinated carcasses of prisoners left behind by Gadafi troops.

The conservative Algerian government indicated it allowed members of the Gadafi clan to enter the country for "humanity reasons" and because they "should not belong to a group of persons that are subject to a United Nations resolution on crimes against humanity under the Gadafi regime". This Algerian point of view is being contested by the Libyan opposition.

المقتل خميس القذافي و عبد الله السنوسي
The Killing of Khamis al-Gadafi and Abdullah al-Sanussi

على صعيد متصل قال المتحدث العسكري باسم المعارضة الليبية أحمد باني الاثنين إن المعارضة لديها معلومات "شبه مؤكدة" بأن رئيس المخابرات الليبية عبد الله السنوسي قتل يوم السبت مع خميس ابن معمر القذافي
The military speaker of the Libyan opposition, Ahmed Bani al-Asnin, communicated that a [direct] confrontation led to the conclusion "identity granted" [and thereby confirmed] that the chief of Libya's secret service, Abdullah al-Sanussi, died on Saturday [August 27] together with Khamis, a son of Gadafi.
[Al-Jazeera, August 30, 2011]

Above picture:
Died for His Father's Regime - Khamis al-Gadafi

Below picture:
Shame and Scandal in the Family -
Saadi Gadafi Wants to Join the Revolution

الموقف الجزائري من الثورة الليبية

Algerian Position towards Revolution in Libya

الجزائر تستقبل أعضاء من عائلة القذافي الهاربية من ليبيا
Algeria is receiving members of the Gadafi clan fleeing from Libya.

الجزائر: موقفنا من المجلس الوطني يحدده الموقفان العربي و الأفريقي
Algeria [says]: Our position towards the National Council [of Libya] restricts the Arabic and African positions.

الجزائر فقدت الغطاء العربي لموقفها الذي يرفض الاعتراف بالمجلس الوطني
Algeria loses the "Arabic cap" in its position which rejects the recognition of the National Council [of Libya].

انعدام الثقة حكم العلاقة بين الجزائر و ثورة ليبيا منذ اندلاعها
An absence of confidence is governing the relations between Algeria and the Libyan revolution since its outbreak.

ثوار ليبيا اتهموا الجزائر مرارا بدعم القذافي
Libyan rebels have accused Algeria many times of supporting Gadafi.

الثوار الليبيون اتهموا الجزائر بتنسيق جلب المرتزقة للقتال إلى جانب القذافي
The Libyan rebels accused Algeria of coordinating the provision of mercenaries for the battle at Gadafi's side.

الجزائر اتهمت الثوار أكثر من مرة بتوفير غطاء للتدخل الأجنبي في المنطقة
Algeria accused the rebels more than once of granting cover for the intrusion of foreigners into the region.

وزير خارجية الجزائر استبعد في أبريل الماضي انتصار الثوار على قوات القذافي
Last April, the Algerian minister of foreign affairs rejected a [possible] victory of the rebels over Gadafi forces.

وزير الداخلية الجزائري تنبأ بتأزم علاقات بلاده مع ليبيا في حال توليهم حكمها
The Algerian minister of the interior predicts difficult relations of his country with Libya in case [Libya's] regime would flee [the country].

Evaluation of political relations between Algeria and the National Transitional Congress of Libya (NTC) by Al-Jazeera, Arabic Service, August 30, 2011. All translation made by Ulysses.

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