Thursday, August 25, 2011

LIBYA - Comment from China

Like many other countries, China as well is involved in different industrial projects on Libyan territory. That's why any Chinese statements on the proceedings of the Libyan revolution should be most useful to the rebel government. I therefore added recent Chinese remarks extracted from Beijing's semi-official People's Daily (Online edition Renmin Wang).

[China's] Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Hope for Libya to realize a smooth and steady transition of the ruling power.
[Headline, August 24]

The international community is lending a hand to Libya's transition process.
[Headline, August 25]
The opposition has indicated that [their] general headquarters, in command during [these] two days of heading for Tripolis, held a parliamentary [meeting] in August together with [their] president elect. The latest state of affairs makes it clear that the military base of the opposition has gained control over the capital and, within the whole country's range, most part of the region. The post-Gadafi era arrived and a numerous and shocked international community has to respond to that fact.
[August 25]

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