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LIBYA - Tracking Gadafi

القذافئ إلى مصير صدام حسين
أو أمير حرب في الصومال

Gadafi will either share his fate with Sadam
Hussein or turn into a Somalian warlord

- الشرق الأوسط, August 27, 2011 -

قبل أقل من أسبوع و أحد فقط على احتقاله بالذكرى ال42 لتوليه السلطة عام 1969 , بدا أمس أن العقيد الليبي معمر القذافي يتجه لملاقاة مصير الرئيس العراقي الراحل صدام حسين أو التحول إلى أحد أمراء الحرب في الصومال, في حين يضيق الثوار المناهضون له الخناق عليه و على فلول قواته العسكرية و كتائبه الأمنية سواء داخل العاصمة الليبية طرابلس أو خارجها.ـ
Yesterday, less than a week ago and only [shortly before] the 42nd anniversary celebrations [reminding] his access to power in 1969, Libya's Colonel Muamar Gadafi started to face either the fate of the deceased Iraqi president Sadam Hussein or [his] transformation into one of the warlords in Somalia. At the moment when hostile rebels pressed against him, the suffocation of himself and of the remainings of his military forces and his security units has brought much trouble to the inside and outside of the Libyan capital of Tripolis.
[Quotation from an article published by the Saudi paper
"Middle East" al-Shark al-Awsad الشرق الأوسط]

وكالة أنباء الشرق الأوسط: موكب من 6 سيارات مصفحة عبرت إلى تونس و ربما كانت تقل القذافي
Information from the office of "Middle East" [Saudi daily al-Shark al-Awsad]: A convoi of 6 armoured vehicles passed [the border] in the direction of Tunis and it might be [they evacuated] Gadafi.
[Al-Jazeera TV, Arabic channel]

Rumours about Gadafi and his family fleeing into Algeria, possibly via Tunisia, have been propagated by Al-Jazeera on their web service. The "Egyptian source" cited by Al-Jazeera might be the Kairo offfice of the Saudi paper "Middle East" because the above quoted article has been composed there as well.
Algeria rather than Tunisia would make sense as a temporary resort for the Gadafi clan because of a more "stable" situation in that country which, up to now, experienced only some low-level uprising in the past.

Below: Map of Algeria.

2011年08月28日10:15 来源:新华网 手机看新闻

Libyan rebels say they still don't know
the whereabouts of Gadafi and his family

- People's Daily Online, August 28, 2011 -

The official Egyptian news agency "Middle East" earlier cited what a news source from among the Libyan rebels had told them. A motorcade composed of six armoured vehicles entered the Libyan boundary region of [Ras] Ajdir at high speed, early morning on August 26. It is possible that Gadafi and his sons were inside these cars. This has started a new round of guessing on where Gadafi is hiding.
[Quotation of an article from People's Daily - Online edition, Beijing]

Only shortly after that mysterious convoi headed for Tunisia, the above named boundary post was given up by Gadafi loyalists. It is now serving the rebels as an important stronghold for incoming supply to their units in Western Libya. [Al-Jazeera]
As to the "official" Egyptian news agency "Middle East" there might be some confusion with the "Middle East" daily publication, well-known all over the region. By the way, it is difficult to find out who is really behind that Saudi publication, generally known in the region by its Arabic name "al-Shark al-Awsad" which makes it even more important to rely on Al-Jazeera as an independent source of information due to the liberal attitude of the ruling dynasty in Qatar, the traditional home of Al-Jazeera and still its base for the Arabic program.

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