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N Koreans Abroad - A Secret Army ?

美媒:金正恩派2000名間諜到美國 預謀破壞

US media: Kim Jong-un sent 2.000 spies to America - Premeditated Destruction

儘管美國政府的報告顯示,自2006年開始給予脫北者難民身分起, 迄今只有不到200名朝鮮人進入美國, 但成立教會組織協助脫北者出逃的韓國基督教牧師千基元(Chun Ki-Won)表示, 實際的人數比這個多很多。

A US government report is stating that since help started in 2006 for those who escaped from the North with a refugee status, so far only up to 200 North Koreans have entered the USA.

Chun Ki-won, however, a South Korean Christian minister from the establishment of church organizations assisting defectors from the North, showed that realistic numbers of people are much higher than this.

千基元說:「有數千名朝鮮難民湧入美國。官方數字是200人,但實際數字比較接近2,000人, 他們都是非法移民。政府不知道他們是誰,或他們在哪裡。」

Chun Ki-won said: " There are several thousand North Korean refugees emerging into the USA. The official number is 200, but a realistic number is rather near to 2.000 people. They are all illegal immigrants. The government neither knows who they are nor where they are. "

他還說,在過去18年來,他救了1,100名脫北者,並把他們安置在歐洲、亞洲和美國。 以美國而言,脫北者群居在華盛頓特區、芝加哥、紐約和洛杉磯。

He added that in the past 18 years he helped 1.100 people to escape from the North and to settle in Europe, Asia and America. In the case of America the refugee group from the North is living in Washington DC, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

在2016年投奔韓國的前朝鮮駐英國大使館公使太永浩(Thae Yong Ho)曾警告各國領導人說, 要提防鋌而走險的金正恩發動攻擊。

In 2016, Thae Yong-ho, a former counsellor at the North Korean embassy in Britain, defected to South Korea, [on that occasion] warning national leaders: Beware of a desperate attack launched by Kim Jong-un.

太永浩在2017年接受美國國家廣播公司(NBC)採訪時說, 如果金正恩擁有核武和洲際彈道導彈,他什麼事都做得出來。

In an interview granted to the US national broadcaster NBC in 2017, Thae Yong-ho said: If Kim Jong-un is in the possession of nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles, [he can do whatever he wants].

他說:「金正恩是個可以做出任何超越正常想像的事的人。 …………

He said: Kim Jong-un is somebody who could do anything beyond the imagination of normal people.

[Epoch Times 大纪元, Chinese anti-communist daily on 2nd March 2018]



On February 23, US president Trump announced the largest list of sanctions in history against North Korea and which included 27 shipping and trading companies, 33 vessels, as well as Taiwan businessman Tsang Yung Yuan. The US submitted that list to the UN Security Council, but met with China successfully blocking the approach.

[Editor's note: This might not be meant as a final rebuke from China but could be interpreted, as well, in a way that China needs more time to investigate in the matter using own intelligence.]

[早报, Singapore, on March 3, 2018]

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