Friday, March 30, 2018

Israeli Reconnaissance Flight into Iran

الجريدة الكويتية: مقاتلات إسرائيلية نفذت طلعات فوق مواقع نووية فى إيران

Kuwaiti Newspaper : Israeli fighter [ jets ]
appeared above some nuclear sites in Iran.

[Youm7 اليوم السابع, Egypt, on March 29, 2018]

The Kuwaiti newspaper الجريدة الكويتية was the first to report on the incursion of two Israeli F35 stealth fighter jets into Iran where they allegedly circled high above sites that are considered to be linked with the Iranian nuclear program.

The warplanes should have remained undetected by Russian radar facilities in Syria when they passed over Syria and Iraq on their way to Iran. This is being denied by the Russian ministry of defense.

A comprehensive report on that incident has been published today by Daily Pakistan.
Read the Pakistani article..

This comes only days after Israel admitted having bombed
a Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007 as a warning to Iran.


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