Sunday, March 11, 2018

Iran - Israel Preparing for War

Since tensions between Israel and Iran began to rise over the military presence of Iran and its regional ally Hezbollah in Syria, a war between both adversaries has become increasingly realistic.

Photo above: Israeli air force helicopter

صحيفة: ضربات أمريكية إسرائيلية محتملة في سوريا

Newspaper: Joint US-Israeli strikes possible in Syria.

قالت صحيفة كويتية إن سوريا باتت في مرمى ضربات أمريكية وإسرائيلية وشيكة، ونقلت عن مصادرها أن رئيس الوزراء الإسرائيلي بنيامين نتنياهو ناقش مع الرئيس دونالد ترامب خلال لقائهما منذ أيام في واشنطن، خطة إسرائيلية موسعة.ـ

A Kuwaiti newspaper said that Syria is now a target of imminent US-Israeli strikes and that its sources reported that Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu had discussed extended Israeli plannings with president Donald Trump during their meeting in Washington some days ago.

[Sputnik - Arabic News quoting the Kuwaiti newspaper الجريدة on March 10, 2018]

Sputnik on March 6, 2018: Israel notifies the US that it prepares for military activities.

كاتب إسرائيلي: حرب مع إيران قد لا تتعارض مع مصالح روسيا

Israeli journalist: A war with Iran might not be in conflict with Russian interests.

[Arabi 21 quoting the Israeli newspaper Maariv on March 11, 2018]

Algérie Patriotique, Algier, on February 20, 2018:
Israel's army is preparing for a long-standing war with Iran in 2018.

This article is referring to an interview which Israel's chief of operations Tsahal,
general Nitzan Alon (photo above), granted to the pro-Israeli website i24 News.

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