Sunday, March 04, 2018

Iran Preparing Showdown with Israel ?

Last Update: March 5, 2018

Iran Storing Rockets in the Neighbourhood of Israel

A brandnew military facility allegedly stuffed with short- and medium-range rockets in the outskirts of Damascus could trigger off a dogfight between Israel and Iran in Syria. The notorious US channel Fox News seems to be at the source of these news. Here are some repercussions from Arabic language news centers:

إيران تخزّن صواريخ في سوريا لضرب كلّ الأراضي الإسرائيلية

Iran stores rockets in Syria to hit all of Israel.

[euronews, Lyon/France, on 1st March 2018]

قاعدة إيرانية جديدة في سوريا: تمهيد لضربة إسرائيلية؟

New Iranian base in Syria: Prelude of an Israeli attack ?

[Al-Modon المدن, Beirut/Lebanon, on 1st March 2018]

Above photo: Iranian soldiers mourning their commander who lost his life in Syria.

إسرائيل تحذّر إيران في سوريا ... قاعدتكم الجديدة ستختفي قريباً

Israel warning Iran in Syria ... Your new base will soon disappear !

[Al-Qurtas القرطاس, Baghdad/Iraq, on March 2, 2018]

Above photo: Palestinian citizens being dragged away by Israeli Police.

ـ«يوراسيا ريفيو»: الحرب بين إيران و«إسرائيل» أوشكت على البدء

"Eurasia Review": The war between Iran and "Israel" is about to begin.

[RASSD News شبكة رصد الاخبارية is a Cairo based news service popular in different Arab countries; article published on March 4, 2018]

Read here opinion from Israel In Syria Force Will Prevail, an article published by Haaretz on March 5, 2018.

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