Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Kim Jong-un in Beijing

Last Update: March 29

传金正恩秘密抵华 北京封路迎贵宾

News are spreading that Kim Jong-un is on a secret visit to China.
Beijing roads receive the distinguished guest.


There are indications that Kim Jong-un resides at Diaoyu Terrace
national guest house in Beijing and is meeting with Chinese leaders.

It is said that Kim Jong-un arrived by train at Beijing's Dandong railway station around 22:00 in the evening. He is expected to stay in Beijing on an "unofficial visit" from March 25-28, 2018.

[Kwonghwa 光华, Malaysia, on March 27, 2018]

North Korean motorcade leaving the national guest house early in the morning.
[阿波罗新闻 on March 27, 2018]

Kim Jong-un and China's leader Xi JinPing meeting together with their wives in
the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. [XinHua 新华社 on March 28, 2018].

The next day, on March 28, Reuters news agency comes about
with an evaluation of Kim Jong-un's unexpected visit to Beijing:
With secretive China trip, North Korea's Kim builds bargaining power.

我们希望朝鲜政治稳定、经济发展、人民幸福, 支持以委员长同志为首的朝鲜劳动党带领朝鲜人民沿着社会主义道路不断前进, 支持朝鲜同志为发展经济、改善民生所作积极努力。

We hope for North Korea's political stability, the development of its economy and the happiness of its people. We support [our] comrade at the head of the commission to become the first in the North Korean Worker's Party to guide the North Korean people to continuously proceed along the road of socialism. We support the North Korean comrade in developing economy and improving the people's energetic efforts.

China's leader Xi JinPing quoted from People's Daily - overseas edition 人民日报海外版—海外网 on March 28, 2018.

Chinese language TV station using material from Mainland China's Central TV CCTV.

North Korea Is Firing Up a Reactor. That Could Upset Trump’s Talks With Kim.

A NewYork Times headline on March 27, 2018, referring to the recently completed
nuclear reactor in the Yongbyon area and that should be able to produce plutonium.


North Korea makes known that it is searching for
the possibility of a summit with Japan and Russia.

[ZaoBao 早报—早晚全新, Singapore, on March 29, 2018]

The headline from Singapore is referring to an article published by the Japan based "North Korean - Japanese News" from March 29.


Visitor to "blueprint news" coming from Macao, the town where the North Korean
Kim Jong-nam had been living before he was killed with a nerve agent by hired
personnel while waiting for his flight home at Kuala Lumpur airport in Malaysia.
The assassination was allegedly staged on behalf of Kim's brother Kim Jong-un.

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