Saturday, May 18, 2013

Syria - Pro-Assad Hackers Invading Western Media

The Epoch, a pro-Western Chinese news service operating from a U.S. server, has the news of a so-called "Syrian Electronic Army" that invaded Twitter sites of some Western media and organizations. The Syrian hacker troop declares it acts in favor of Syria's president Bashir al-Assad. Yesterday, May 17, The Financial Times FT, London, became their last target when Syrian hackers left a remark on FT web locations saying the "Syrian Electronic Army Was Here". Earlier attacks were directed against the British daily The Guardian on April 24 this year and a BBC weather report where hackers announced some kind of "catastrophe" to hit the people of Israel. Another site attacked was that of Human Rights Watch organization. The French news broadcast of France 24 suffered as well from being invaded by the Syrian Electronic Army.

[Source: The Epoch 大纪元 on May 17, 2013, together with (中文业界讯站) on May 18, 2013]



U.S. media calling Russia's providing guided missiles for Syria a "psychological provocation".

[Source: Russian News Network quoted by
俄新网 - 古汉台网
on May 17, 2013]


Increasing Violence in Libya

In recent months, the Libyan town of Benghazi experienced an escalation in violence that is considered due to the absence of sufficient security forces. Libyan army is now going to host a meeting with tribal elders and militia leaders to improve that situation. The most remarkable incidents in a development of deteriorating public security are shown below:

A visitor to "blueprint news" coming from the U.S. Department of State seems to be interested as well in the proceedings of Libya. U.S. concerns about public security in Libya can be understood in the frame of that notorious September 2012 incident when America's ambassador to Libya was killed in a willful attack launched against the U.S. consulate in Benghazi:


One single visitor from Tahiti is interested in spreading Islamic rage. However, the firebrigade is quite near (=> caserne des pompiers):

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