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North Korea vs China - Thank You for Being Friends

Last UPDATE: May 24, 2013

朝鲜军方扣押一艘中国渔船 登船后先拆定位系统

North Korean military detained Chinese fishing boat. First thing
after mounting the boat was to dismantle the positioning system.


On May 20, China's Global Times used the above headline to report on an incident that should have happened during the night of May 5 when North Korean navy stopped the "Liao Pu Fish 25222", a Chinese fish trawler from China's Liaoning province, and detained its 16 crew members. At least 8 times the North sent a telegram to the Chinese ship owner pressing him for handing over at least 600.000 Renminbi [i.e. Chinese Yuan] as a "penalty". If this shouldn't happen before noon May 19, the fishing boat would be confiscated while the fishermen would be repatriated.

The above picture has been taken from, another Chinese source that referred to the Global Times article. The same subject reappeared in different Chinese publications on May 22. The Global Times then came with the following headline:

中国要求朝鲜说明扣船事件 劫船者身份引关注

China demands North Korea to explain the incident of the detained ship.
Robbing part of the ship has caused much attention.

Above picture: Captain Yu Xue Jun during an interview granted to the Global Times on May 21.


Old map showing China, Korea, Japan,
the Pacific region and North America.

SunZi - The Art of War - Deploying the Troops

... when an enemy confronts you angrily for a long time without either joining battle or leaving his position, then you must watch him with utmost care.


Update on May 24:


The echo from the outside world urges [or: encourages]
North Korea to bring about a highest degree of change.

It's about the visit of Kim Jong Un's special envoy to China who arrived yesterday, May 23, and declared the goal of his visit being to "improve and consolidate" Chinese - North Korean relations.

[Source: New China Network 新华网 on May 24, 2013]

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